First Gym Class


Happy Monday everybody! I hope all of our friends had a fantastic weekend! Luckily for us the weather over the weekend was nice and cool, but the weather for the week looks very stormy because of the big typhoon coming our way. Regardless of the storm we will still have a great time at school!

Our older friends and teachers were very excited today because every Monday we had a special gym class! That definitely sounds fun! We had a rather short free play time and we started to pack away our toys a little earlier than usual. After we packed away our toys our teachers began rearranging the classroom. Our teachers told us that we were having a special guest come in on Mondays to do gym class with. Right as they said that the door opened and a cheery young man entered Buds class with a great big smile. His name was Miyashita-sensei, and he comes to Ohana every Monday to do Gym time in each of the classes in Ohana. Welcome back to Ohana and we are definitely ready for another fun time with you. First, we did some stretching with our bodies and we tried to be flexible. We did bunny hop, frog jump and bear crawl. We also played the “touch” game with him. Every time he blew the whistle, we ran towards him and gave him a high five.

We did the animal actions again but this time we had the big green mat in the middle. We crawled like a bear and a crocodile on it and it was quite interesting how we were participating all together. Some of our new friends were trying really hard to do the action. It was quite challenging for them but they still moved and enjoyed the rest of the exercise. The exercises were very fun because we got to pretend like the animals but we’re actually doing lots of stretching and jumping around the classroom. We also walked, ran, jumped and  crawled around in circles. Miyashita-sensei would blow his whistle again and told us to stop. We all stopped and waited for the next action that  we needed to do. After that interesting game, we played the “Ghost game” as well. Before we started to play, we always had to say, “pong, pong, pong, dare desu ka?” When he said, “Ghost wa”. Then, we all had to run as fast as we could from one side of the room to the other.

After snacks, we had our circle time and sang, “One little finger” song. We learned our different body parts such as “head, nose, chin, shoulders, tummy, knees and feet”. We also pointed at them and showed our friends and  teachers how  we knew where our body parts are. It was a great song to learn more about ourselves. We also read a book with a title “The okay book” by Todd Parr. Then, we practiced walking around the classroom while holding onto our rope. It was another fruitful day for us in Buds class. Thank you so much Ohana for a great day! See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the little gymnasts from Buds Class 2018-2019



















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