This is the way we paint in Buds!

Good morning everyone! The rain got us a bit wet this morning, but by noon time the rain cleared up! Whether or not it’s raining doesn’t matter to us, we`re still going to have a great day! Eager to see what our teachers have planned for the day, we took care of what needs to be taken care of first then darted into the classroom. On the carpet area we had the train toys! We love trains, and being able to be a train conductor and build railroads with our friends is great fun! Our teachers worked with us and asked us what we could do to make the train tracks bigger.

On our activity table we had the matching puzzles. One side of the puzzle was a color like blue or green.. We had to match the colors with the animal or object with the same properties. We sat down with a teacher and had them teach us the colors and the animals at the same time. For those of us that already knew our colors and completed the puzzles in a jiffy, there were textured tiles that we had to touch, feel then think about what things have that texture.

Our main attraction this morning was handprinting on the art table. We dipped the palms of our hands into the paint then stamped our hands on a blank sheet of paper. Some of us were excited to do it and some of us needed a little more encouragement from our teachers. Even though some of our friends were reluctant at first, once they got their hands in the paint, they couldn’t stop! Some of our friends really enjoyed getting messy and we started painting on the white paper with the palm of their hands. Our hands were completely covered in paint and we loved it!

After our snack time we had a brief story time with Chiaki. We started by reading Pete the Cat books and some how ended up reading about space and astronauts. Our teachers decided we could try and build our very own rocket ship from the large lego blocks. We worked together with our friends to build a big rocket to zoom zoom zoom to the moon!

We had another great day at Ohana! The weather people say that there won’t be anymore rain today and tomorrow! Keeping our fingers crossed so we can play at the park!


Buds hand painters of 2019

Ohana International School