Tsukimi (Japanese Moon Festival)


Hello, everyone! Mr. Sun showed up and we were ready to start our sunny day with our morning jobs. While our friends were doing the morning job, they realized that one side of the classroom was dark.

They walked there carefully and check what was going on. Light table was there! Nimo kindly showed see-through Lego blocks and see-through alphabet set to play. First, our friends piled the Lego blocks and saw how tall building they could make. Then, Nimo and our friends lined up alphabets and sang ABC song while pointing at the letters. On the other table, we continued to paint paper mache with yellow and red paint. John and Tamara helped our friends to explore painting. Our friends got paint on their hands, but it was still fun activity that our friends stayed there for a long time. After the morning free play time, we gathered at the carpet area. First of all, we sang some Japanese song and ABC song. This time, one of our friends stood in front of us and led the singing! Next, Chiaki showed a photo of the moon and she said next Sunday is a Tsukimi (Japanese Harvest) Festival. On that day, Japanese celebrates harvest by watching the Moon and eat Japanese dumplings. She also explained that Japanese believe some animals live in the Moon. She showed some stuff toys to guess which animal lives in the Moon. It was not a cat, a dinosaur or a bear, but actually a Rabbit. Since, we only can see the Moon in the night, Chiaki got an idea to make Buds Moon today. First, Chiaki introduced a blank paper. She asked, “What shape is this?” The friends said, “Circle!” Then, our friends used sponges to painted it with yellow paint. After that, we sprinkled the special powder (sparkle) to make the Moon shine. 

Since we talked about Tsukimi and Japanese dumplings, we became hungry so that we decided to have a snack time. After the snack time, we went walked to outside to the park. Luckily, we were able to see other classes and friends there and we enjoyed playing at the green area together.

Lots of love,

All the  wonderful Buds children 2018-2019


Ohana International School