Friday Fun!

Happy Friday everyone! We are all enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather and we can feel how much cooler the days have become. We are happy that the plants and trees all got a good watering from the rain this morning which meant that we couldn’t go to the park but that didn’t stop us having Friday fun!

This morning we played with our green Play-Doh on the tables. We had so much fun strengthening the muscles in our hands making all sorts of things, from dumpling and noodles to rabbits and even birthday cakes.

On the other table we created our master pieces of colourful dot art. We used our fine motor skills to pinch the cap of the marker and then twist it off, it was a little tricky for some of us but luckily we had our friends there to help us out. Once we had the cap off we had so much fun stamping big dots of all different colours onto the paper.

During circle time with Tamara we looked at some animals. We spoke about their different colours, sounds, body parts and even the food they ate. Some of us knew the names of all the animals! We read the book “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle. We learnt about our body parts and used our whole body to move like the animals do, we could do everything!

We had a special visitor to the classroom today, a pregnant praying mantis. We were all so interested to gently observe this interesting insect. It had 2 big eyes, 4 long legs, 2 big strong forearms and a very big tummy. We were so lucky to see it for a short time in our classroom but then she was released so she could find a safe place to have her babies.

During playtime we played with all the colourful plastic balls, we practiced our throwing skills and aimed for the basket that Nimo was kind enough to hold. Some of the balls got in, some didn’t and some hit Nimo! We heard that mummies and daddies will be having fun together tonight, we wish we could come too but we are all so tired from a busy week. Lots of Love, The Busy Buds Class 2018-2019

Ohana International School