Today was a Colorful day


Today was very FUN day!  Ticklish foot print, dancing, and making our new playdough! What a nice day!

The morning started with an interesting art activity. We saw Kiki at the table and she introduced two colors which are green and blue. She had the brushes and...she...she...started painting on our feet! It was veryyyyy ticklish so some of us just laughed. We wonder why we did footprint today...we guess we will use them for our class. Our teacher will tell us soon! My mum and daddy might see “paint’ on our feet but don’t get scared please!


After cleaned up our toys, Maryna came to Petals class. Wow, she is like a ballerina doll. We did warm up exercise like what we do with Miyashita sensei. After that, we did bear hunting dance. We KNOW the story so we sang and danced at the same time! Thank you very much Maryna, we really enjoyed it! I can’t wait for next week. (We will have her dance class every Thursdays) hmmmm our tummies are saying, “Its snack time!” Itadakimasu.

It’s a circle time. After we sang the morning song, Sayaka started talking about today’s special activity. Some of us knew it and we are very excited. Yes, we are going to make playdough. Sayaka asked us what color of playdough, we would like to have….? We all had turned to tell my friends about our favorite colors.

 Sayaka told us that we can have two colors of playdough. Then, we are going to mix them together. We wonder...what colour we can make...Before we start, she read the book, “Color” and it saidn, if we mix red or pink mixed with yellow, it becomes orange. Blue and yellow mixed together makes green, and red or orange with green is brown. That’s very interesting . Now we really want to mix color together! Our teacher asked what color we like…

 It seems like most of us like blue and green. Let’s start making our playdough. The ingredients were salt, flour, cream of tartar, cooking oil, water, and food colouring. She pour them into the measuring cup. We use two hands to hold it and put into the bowl and mix it all together.

Some of us said, “Its white. White!” we can’t wait for adding colours. Just before we add the color, Kiki suggested to have three colors and it sounds great! So, we decided to have yellow, blue, and red playdough. Kiki and Sayaka said that the playdough needs to be warm. Sayaka put them in the microwave.  We didn't enough have time to complete the activity because we had to wait a little while to finish warming it up.

Kiki said, “Letsssss danece!” Yay! We cant have time to go to park today so we would like to move our bodies. We jump, shake hands, turned around, move side to side. Teachers seem very happy when they are dancing so we are happy as well !

 We had a great day and can’t wait to see my friends tomorrow. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone and see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Colorful Petals Class 2018-2019




Ohana International School