Our first walk outside Ohana


An amazing day again at Ohana! We came into our classroom with our big smiles and some of us had a few tears. After a few minutes, we were all playing together and gathering around the kitchen area. We’re also getting better in doing our morning jobs and some of us didn’t need any guidance in completing the task.

We noticed that we had a tray filled with water and stones. We wondered what our teachers planned out for us today. We were observing the whole classroom and there were a bit of a slight change in our arrangement. We saw that the dress– up corner was moved further inside the classroom. It was a perfect location because we can now use more of our dress-up materials as from today. We asked our teachers to help us put some costumes on like the police officer, Spider-man, doctor, princess dresses and many more. One of our friends even got a stethoscope and he was trying to check up on his other friends whether they were sick or not. Our teachers were asking questions here and there just to make sure that we keep the conversations flowing in class especially to those who can already verbalize their opinions and express their own imagination. We also had a little bit of story from Chiaki about the little dinosaurs having a picnic. We became very, very comfortable in class because we were participating in such activities already.

John had to go up to Petals class today because he has his music session with the other group. While he was there, Nimo did his circle time with us today. His circle time was about “using our gentle hands”. We got some unique dinosaur characters that played the part of the story. In the end, it was really catchy and some of us really understood what it meant. We just love hearing these kinds of stories from our teachers. We are hoping to hear more in the next few days.

Today was also a special time because after practicing holding onto our rope for more than a week, we now got a chance to actually walk outside. It was a successful one and even the youngest child in our class didn’t complain about a single thing. He pushed through until halfway on the way back to school. He had to be carried by one of our teachers and it’s okay. He really did an awesome job walking with us. We also read lots of books with Chiaki after our short walk. She’s always there to help us out and calm some of us after every transition.

John read a story about “Little Dino Don’t hit”. Again, it was about using our hands gently when we play with our friends in the classroom. We also got our musical instruments and played our “Buds class medley” - it was a long list of songs that we learn every day. We all participated well and enjoyed the whole singing session before lunch.

Again, it was a nice day and thank you so much for another wonderful learning experience. Have a great day!

Lots of love,

All the little gentle creatures from Buds class 2018-2019

Ohana International School