It's Just Another Magic Monday


Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy Monday! It’s the start of yet another week– and you all know what Monday means, right?

           Before we could have our gym class fun with Miyashita sensei, we had our morning free play first. We saw some colorful tissue paper, and Pauline asked for our help to tear them into thin strips and fill up the two small tubs we had. We gladly did, and it was good practice for our fine motor skills. But we wonder what it is for?

On the carpet, we had our stickle bricks. “I made a telephone!” Y told us.

“Me, too!” X said. “I made a chair… and this is a bridge!” He added.

On the kitchen area, some of our friends helped us arrange the kitchen toys, plates, and cutlery that we washed last Friday. They’re all nice and clean!

Miyashita sensei came after our snacks, and we did our usual routine of stretching, balancing, hopping, and jumping. Then, we practiced doing the forward roll. At first, it was just doing the roll, but around the second time, we needed to stand up straight after doing the roll, to regain our balance. It was challenging, but so much fun at the same time– everything goes topsy– turvy when we roll on the mat!

We said our good– byes to Miyashita sensei after, then we sat with our teachers. Our teachers introduced two more new classroom jobs: the Energy Saver, who turns off the lights and the AC whenever we have to leave the classroom; and the Calendar Consultant, who helps with organizing things in our calendar. We then chose our jobs for this week.

 Pauline brought a book about rainbows, and it was nice to learn again the different colors of the rainbow.

“What if the rainbow was all red? There’s no yellow, green, blue….” Pauline asked.

“There’s no other color” Z said.

“Yes,” Pauline agreed. “Would it still look beautiful?” she asked. We answered no.

“What if the rainbow was all green?” Pauline said. “Would it still look nice?” She asked. We answered no again, and that we like the rainbow with many, many colors.

“You’re right, it’s more beautiful with many colors,” Pauline agreed. Then, she took out the tubs of the tissue paper we tore in the morning.

“What colors can you see?” Pauline asked.

“I see purple!” W said.

“I see yellow!” X said.

“Green!” Y pointed out. Z told us which is light blue and dark blue.

The tubs of tissue paper was poured in the middle of the floor, forming a rainbow mountain. Pauline asked us if the tissue paper was light or heavy.

“Light!” W answered.

“How about this– urgh– shelf!” Pauline asked, panting while she tried to carry the shelf.

“It’s heavy!” We all chorused. Pauline then explained that we are going to do something with the paper and some fans she was holding.

X, Y, and Z volunteered to sit around it, while two teachers and six children sat around them. The teachers held big fans, while the six children held their placemats. They were instructed to use it to fan as fast as they could.

“When I say ‘Go!’, we’re going to start fanning.” Pauline said. “Okay.. 1,2,3...GO!” She said, and we started fanning X, Y, and Z, as they sat with the mountain of tissue paper. And….. Magic!

The room looked like a rainbow exploded inside, creating a “rainbow shower”. It was so beautiful! We all laughed and shrieked in awe. It was truly amazing!

We picked up all the tissue paper that was scattered, and piled it into the middle of the floor again. This time, all of us sat around it, and had our fans and placemats. One...two...three… GO! It was a rainbow shower again! It was magical!

We really had fun, and our teachers promised that we can do it again tomorrow.

So that was the amazing conclusion to our Monday. How was your day?




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