Camping and Organizing


Wow, what an exciting day we had today!
We didn't go to the park today, but we sure had fun inside the classroom.
We started the day off with a colour matching button game on one table and 3D magnetic puzzle at the other. The colour matching game caught the eye of a lot of children, as they matched the designs on the mat with the right coloured button. Some children had their own ideas and designs they wanted to create over the mats. It was fascinating to see how they could use an original idea as inspiration and create their version of the design. This is all part of the creative process.
At the other table, children shared and played with the magnetic puzzles. As we only had 1 box of the puzzle, they took turns to play. Some children watched and saw how others were creating tracks and cars with the puzzles. They were quite fascinated with the endless options they had!
At the carpet area, teachers set up our little tents, along with soft toys. At first, some children were hesitant about what to do with the tent and toys. Eventually, the tent turned into “Mommy and Daddy’s” house, and the soft toys became their babies. They invited each other to the house and allowed their babies to play with each other. This is all a reflection of how children would have play dates at other friends houses outside of school. The events in school and at home are always bridged through play for children. Therefore it is very important for parents and educators we work together to build the best atmosphere for their learning.
 The Kitchen was also buzzing today with the boys taking lead and cooking for their friends.

Once our morning fun was over we had a quick morning greetings with Kiki and got ready for snack time. Kiki shared that the weather will be quite hot today and gave the children the options of either going to the park, or have camping in class. It was a unanimous vote for camping in class!

After the children finished their snacks, they had their regular circle time. Today, Kiki talked about organizing toys in class and the importance of having a clean classroom. Children practiced organizing our toys and tidying up the kitchen toys. They loved helping Kiki and being a good role model for their other friends. They danced and did finger play to some of their favorite songs. As always lots of laughs and silly times were had.
Next, it was time for camping!  The teacher quickly prepared the “campsite” for the children. Children remembered from Summer School that we had a BBQ set, and also requested if they could do BBQ. Some also requested for camp “fire” for their BBQ. Children hoped in once it was ready and started paying.
What surprised us the most was when the children requested for scary stories from Kiki! This was a hit during Summer School, as children got into the world of camping and campfire stories.

So as per request, Kiki got her puppets out, lights off, candles lit and scary music on! Kiki retold the story of the crying little girl in the park. Children sat and listened to each word of the story. Our new friends were fascinated with what was going on and a little scared. At the end when Kiki revealed that the little girl was actually a…. an Oni ghost pretending to be a little girl all along, the children gasped in horror. Once finished, Kiki laughed and said THE END, and asked the children if it was too scary.
A: Little scary, but little fun.
B: Scary, but okay.
All: Scary fun!

We had a wonderful day today filled with organization, laughs and silliness!

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love,

Organized Petals Class  2018-2019