Zero Plastic Day

June 8th, 2018

Dear Parents,


Oceans are beautiful, magical, natural, incredible and its unbelievable that we pollute it. Say no to plastic! Let’s get over our addiction of ‘single-use’ plastic. We were so proud that we had 100% participation today for our Zero Plastic Day celebrations. Our lunch boxes had no plastic at all and in fact our garbage bag was empty.

We did lots of activities for this event today. We started by playing a fun recycling board game called ‘What’s Rubbish’. In this game, the player moves around the board and collect rubbish. They attempt to fill their recycling bins with the correct recycling materials. As we played, we talked about the environment and things that are harmful for the environment, for example plastic. Some plastic materials have a recycling sign and that means it can be recycled, but most single-use plastics like bags, straws, etc can’t be recycled and are very bad for the environment.                             

We even did ‘We love our planet earth’ yoga. Pooja taught us a few heart flow yoga poses. The emphasis was on opening the physical area around the heart. We sat in a comfortable criss cross position, noticed our breath and slowed it down into a deep even rhythm. Then we touched our fingertips and our palm and created a space between our hands and got it to heart center. We then visualize a green light and then allowed it to settle deep into the heart space. We then opened our hands to spread love and repeated after Pooja – “My heart to your heart, spread the love, love earth”. After this we did a few breathing exercises to calm us down and relax our body and then did some stretches for flexibility. We ended the yoga routine by doing some deep breathing exercises and said ‘Om’ as we took a deep breath in. We ended the yoga session with the thought, ‘We love our earth and we want to keep it clean’.


‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is the way to go if we want to save our environment. Today, we wanted to Recycle the cardboard box from yesterday, in which we got our Ohana mugs. How many ways can we play with a cardboard box? The answer is ENDLESS. So, first it was a rocket ship, then a train, a car, a fire truck and then we pulled it and it came apart. We wondered what we can do with it. Finally, we used it as a canvas and did some beautiful drawing. We are now going to bring it home to decorate our house. Our mums and dads love buying toys for us and our mantra now is ‘Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last’.

We also practiced our ‘Say No to Plastic’ act.  We can’t wait to perform in front of mums and dads on Wednesday. We are almost sure that you will like it.

We had our picnic in the park and it was so much fun. So found a stick and wrote her name on the sand. Then she wrote Pooja’s name too. Some children found ‘dog poo’ in the green area of Step Park. Tai said, “No dog poo in the park. Be responsible in the community” and Sa added, “This is so so bad manners”. Our teachers are always proud of us when they see how we have internalized the values we have learnt as part of our character education. Its amazing when we use it appropriately in the right context.

We made some decorations to hang in our classroom for the End of the year party and also decorated birthday cards for 5 of our teachers whose birthday falls in the month of June and July.

What a busy day we had today!

5 more sleeps to the End of the year party!! We can hardly wait!

Have a good weekend!



All of us in Petals Class