Magic Watercolor

June 7
Magic Watercolor
G ood Morning Ohana! We are so happy to have the sun shining on us and to be back at school! We got to start our beautiful day with a special activity prepared by Ashley. She gave us a blank piece of paper with nothing on it. It looked like just a normal piece of paper, but we were about to find out that it was actually a magical piece of paper. We started painting on the paper with our water color our names mysti-cally began to appear on the paper!
After doing a little bit of art with Ashley we went off to play with our friends! On the carpet area we had the animal toys and the people figures. We also had block puzzles on the other table to solve. We all enjoyed playing with our friends and learning how to play together in groups. We played hard in the morning for free play and soon it was time to dance hard with Maryna!
We had Maryna come down again this week is our last re-hearsal for our big ballet performance next week! Because we have a big show we were all so motivated and we rehearsed very hard! We can’t wait to show you how much fun we have been hav-ing!
We had a small singing session and we had our snack, fortu-nately for us the clouds went away, the sun came out and the sky turned beautifully blue! We all got our hats on and we headed to the park which we couldn't do yesterday.
We would like to say Happy Birthday to Chiaki for today is her Birthday! Hope you enjoy this special day! Thank you everyone for a fantastic day and we will all see you tomorrow!
Sunshine Ballerinas of Buds Class 2018