Second rehearsal in the box


Never give up……..never give up……..gotta stick to it, gotta keep trying …...never give up!
We did another rehearsal this morning and our teachers feel confident in us and trust that we will do our best next Tuesday 12th, June when we celebrate our Graduation Party. It was good that it was raining because not only did our plants get nourished and fed, but we could rehearse and do so many activities and spend time with one another. We are pretty strong personalities and our teachers can hear us when we use our big voices and speak our truth, as we deal with situations with our friends that are sometimes challenging. They observe us from afar and feel pride when they see us manag-ing things independently. We have developed so much over the past year and are leaving Flowers Class, confident, independent and with a good self esteem. Our teachers be-lieve that this is their gift to us.
This morning we did another rehearsal and now we know the flow of our Graduation Party

and what to do, and we are sure that everything will be great on the actual day. We can’t wait. Our teachers told us that there are some surprises for us and of course we wanted to know what the surprises are. And…………...they wouldn't tell us. 

Yurika did a great job with Shelley, helping pass her all the materials for wrapping our gifts and the gifts for our families. Mirai and Junto helped cut the rope which she used to tie around them. We are changing many things inside our classroom and in order to create more
space for our party, we helped Kai remove the shelf that was almost like a room divider. We unscrewed it and now it is against the wall in the section where we have our snack. We will use the surfaces of the furniture in that section, for the food for our snack party. We will remove all of the extra furniture and keep it in the office on that day. Everything feels so exciting and new and …………...there is so much for us to look forward to as we end our year in Flowers Class in a truly beautiful way.


The rest of the morning was spent completing our Sunflower project and we have enormous plants growing on our balcony. We couldn't believe how big they have grown; and with all the rain from today, they will grow even more. Hisami, Liezel and Shelley watched a short video to see if they should add a support to the pot because the stems look a bit floppy. The video showed the same thing happening and even though the stems are floppy, this is how they grow. We think that when we take them to Arisagawa Park for the people there to send them to Tohoku, they will be so long and floppy. Kai sat with some of us and we created a photo of ourselves in our future occupation. We chose what we wanted to be when we are a grown up and we created a picture with Kai. We are so excited to see what they look like.

We continued working on our birthday cards for the teachers that are having their birthday’s in June and July. We also made another long “jump rope” using the Zoob tubes. We jumped over the “jump rope” and we also did the limbo, and tried to go under it, with our legs going under last. Oh, my gosh, this was really difficult.

Dev did an amazing drawing of Azabu Juban. He used a large piece of white paper and made tall buildings, roads, and traffic lights. Shelley asked him: “Where is Ohana International School?” Dev replied: “This is Azabu Juban with the very big street. It’s not near Ohana”.
Junto and Mirai did still life pictures of the sunflower plants and they added their drawings and words to the documentation that is on the wall. We are going to send the documentation together with photos, with the sunflower plants, to Tohoku. We want to explain to the people how we planted them and worked on the project, with our friends and Hisami.
Hisami played a game with us using the drum. She played the drum and when she stopped playing we had to freeze. She played so many different rhythms and we changed our movements so that they sort of matched the rhythms. When she played fast we ran or shook our bodies and when she played short sounds, we jumped. We were so exhausted after-wards and laughed a lot. She felt that we needed to move our bodies because we had been inside the whole day. She, like our other teachers, is always in tune with us and our needs.

Our teachers are all going to see Lane’s dad play baseball this evening. They are so excited, especially Shelley, as she has never been to a baseball game…..ever! Good luck Giants!
Tomorrow, is our day with Hisami, Kai and Liezel when Shelley is in the office and it’s five sleeps to our Graduation Party.
Love always, all the children in Flowers Class.