Once Upon A Time there was a happy whale ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then ,,,,, !!

June 5th, 2018

Dear Parents,

Did you know that every year the world produces 300 million tons of plastic, eight million tons of which goes into our oceans?


A distressed whale was found last Monday in a canal in southern Thailand near the border with Malaysia. A veterinary team rescued the whale and attempted to “stabilize its illness,” but it died on Friday after vomiting five plastic bags. Our teachers did a small drama about the same. Pauline was the whale, Sayaka was the veterinarian and Pooja was the narrator of the story.

Narrator Pooja - Once upon a time there was a whale, who loved swimming in the ocean. One day she was very hungry and went to hunt for some food and mistook the plastic bag for food.

Whale Pauline - “I am a hungry whale, oh! I see a jelly fish I want to eat it, Oh! I see a sea horse, I want to eat it all up, yum yum yum”,

Narrator Pooja - Then she ate it all. But she didn’t know that it wasn’t a jelly fish, but a plastic bag, and it wasn’t a sea horse, but just a straw. Whale was mistaken and ate a lot of plastic. After a few days it became sick and was unable to hunt for food.                                     Whale Pauline – ohhh! I got an ouchie tummy. Aaaahhhhh I can’t move at all. Oooooaaaannnnnn.

Narrator Pooja – A few people saw the distressed whale and called the veterinarian.

Doctor Sayaka – Lemme check the whale. Tap tap. Are you ok?

Whale Pauline (vomiting the plastic bag) – aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ,,,,,,,,,

Narrator Pooja –And that was the end of the whale. The vet later opened Whale’s tummy to check.

Doctor Sayaka – Oh! I see too many plastic bags and straws inside whale’s tummy. Probably he mistook it for food and ate it and went to sleep forever.

Narrator Pooja - plastic bags are believed to kill hundreds of marine creatures. On June 8 this year, CNN is asking students around the world to celebrate World Oceans Day with a Zero Plastic Lunch, a lunch with no single-use plastic components. Who would like to participate in this?

 All of us – Me, Me, Me

 Our teachers are asking us to evaluate the number of single-use plastics, such as packaging, cutlery and straws that we use throughout the week. Then, we should think about replacing these items with environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, swap a plastic straw which takes 450 years to decompose with a paper one, or simply don't use one at all. We are all going to try and give up our addiction for single use plastic items. We looked at our snack box and identified a few things that have plastic packaging and have decided to not bring it to school on Friday.

Er – Whale die he eat plastic

Li – brush is plastic

Sar– spoon and yoghurt box is plastic

Tai – bag is plastic

Av – straw is plastic

An – cookie (bag for cookie)


We were too busy today and didn’t get time to go out to play in the park. However, we had fun practicing our dance for the End of the year party. We also made bracelets and necklaces for our parents and had fun walking on the sensorial pathway.

We can’t believe Ziqi is completing her internship here next week and going back to Canada. She made a special card with us today. We saw the flag of Canada with maple leaf on it. She cut a maple leaf out and put it on the card. Then we painted on it. Later when we put the leaf out, we saw the pattern of the leaf on the card. It looked like a Canadian flag. Later in the day, So and Wi did their sharing about their grandparents’ photo.


So (showing pictures of her baba) – Last night, I was a baby and baba hug me. Baba means my friend. Baba is Nao’s mumma. She is my grandma. Last night, I popped from mummy’s tummy. Baba is elderly. May be Tai came out of Baba’s tummy. Last night Taiyo was a baby and Kai was a baby and Kai grow big big big and I hug him.

Li – Nao came out of Baba’s tummy

So (showing picture of her Jiji) – This is Jiji and So. He looks like a teenager. Jiji is Mi’s daddy. Like mommy’s mommy, daddy’s daddy.

Then it was Wi’s turn. He got a picture of his daddy with his mommy and another picture of his mommy with her mommy.

Wi (pointing to the picture of his grandma and daddy when he was a baby)- This is like grandma. She has a flag, Norway flag. My daddy is baby here. Now he is big like an adult. I eat lots of lunch and I become big like daddy, so so so tall, like like like daddy. I have grandma.

Then pointing to the picture of his grandma and mommy, Wi said – this is mama and grandma. This is baby mumma Mar. Mummy is big and an adult now. She has a baby in the tummy. Not a watermelon. The baby is so cute and cool cute. I already see it. My mumma came out of my grandma’s tummy.

Tai – William’s grandma’s face has changed. Her hair has also change. I can see it.

Thank you for sharing, Wi and So!

What a busy day we had today! See you all again tomorrow!


All of us in Petals Class