Morning exercise with Miyashita-sensei


Great day again in Buds! As we started this extravagant day, we all knew that there were different learning activities again that we could enjoy. On our tables, we had some amazing puzzle activities and matching plates. We got so interested in these toys and we spent a long time figuring out how to put the right puzzle pieces together. First, we’ve got the color pieces and our first technique was to choose the pictures according to color and then we put them altogether in the puzzle board.

The cutting practice was also very popular. Ashley created different patterns on our paper and we all started cutting along the lines. It was really fun doing and we’re trying our very best on how to snip in a straight line. However, we are still learning how to hold our scissors correctly because our fingers are still small. Eventually, we’ll be able to have that skill and cut as much as we could with our friends.

The carpet area was busy with the wooden animals. We all showed our teachers and told the various names of our animal toys. Here, we are learning a lot about them and it’s nice to get familiar with the  animal names. It’s nice for us to share what we know with our friends and teachers. After playing, we all helped our teachers to pack away all our toys and stuff. It was a piece of cake for all of us because we’re all helping our friends. After our cleaning up, we all sat against the wall and waited for Miyashita-sensei to come. While waiting, we sang songs with our teachers and danced to the music.

Miyashita-sensei came and he told us that he’s ready to play with us again. We all stood excitedly and began doing the morning routines that he usually asks us to do. It  was really great to see how well we could perform and to be honest, we are all getting better at this. We also walked around the green mat and had a great time imitating the animal actions. The most challenging part was the crocodile crawl. It was a bit difficult because we had to lie on our tummies and drag ourselves using our arms only. The main challenge that we did was to  roll over the mat, jump off the cushion and crawled under the string. We had our turns and did the activity for several rounds until we got it. Our teachers asked us to do these on our own and most of us were so good at it. We didn’t have to ask our teachers help us roll over the mat. It was quite amazing. After our gym class, we gathered around the carpet area again and we then began singing our favorite songs. This time, we sang, “Where is (our friend’s name)?” then our friends would reply, “Here I am, Here I am, how do you do?”

Park time was always about running and playing at the slides. However, today we went to the park and read a book about spiders, butterfly and ant. After reading, our teachers asked us to find some ants, butterflies and spiders. We found two butterflies and many ants. We were not so lucky to find any spiders. Hopefully, we can find them next time we go to the park. Thank you Ohana for another fun day. Have a great day and see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the insect investigators from Buds Class 2017-2018