Yellow School Bus

   Today was a real Wacky Wednesday! In the morning, we came in to the classroom and our smocks, sunscreen and bug repellent were already on the floor waiting for us. So what means… Park time!!! We usually have park after snack but it’s cooler in the morning so we can exercise before it gets ridiculously hot. Our schedule is wacky for today and another wacky thing happened on the way to the park and at the park. The wind was so strong today it blew some of our friends hats off and it kept blowing our hats of at the park too. We finally gave up and put our hats on the bench so we can run around and play.


  After the park we came back to have a bit of snack before circle time and activity. During the circle time, we looked at the school bus photo again and discussed what else we need for it.

G: Roof

Te: Lights

Ta: We need to put lights on top so we can see it from the front.

Yu: The number on the school bus.

A: We need the top because when it rains we get wet.

Mi: We need to glue the steering wheels.

Kai: What else do we need? Is the bus all yellow?

Yu: No, it has white and black.

  La, Al, Te, Ta and R wanted to continue working on the bus. We already had some pieces from yesterday that need to be put on the bus.. Ta suggested that we can use glue to put the wheels on the bus and got help from Al. La made a suggestion to put cardboard behind the stop sign so I sticks out like a real bus and R suggested that we cut a hole in the bus so we can operate the stop sign. Te worked on his lights with the help of R and L. The bus was completely plain yesterday morning but after painting and adding on the details it’s becoming to look like a real bus!


  Kai also told us about a new project we’re going to have. Starting today we’re going to build our own transportation vehicles to have a race. The concept is simple but we do have requirements. Kai brought out a sheet of paper, a ruler and a scale. He showed us it should be less than 6cm wide and no bigger than 22cm long. The weight of the vehicle should be between 4oz and 8oz other than that we can use what ever materials we want. We used Lego, construction set and Kinects to build with. Lisa and Gracie made their own Lego vehicles and started to test it on the slopped board while Yu looked at the construction manual and replicated a bike. When they thought they were finished with the vehicle they would take it to the scale and see if it needed more or less weight. Other friends we’re working to see what would work best. Everything is still a work in progress so we wrote our names on a piece of paper to save it for another day.


  On the other table we worked on what goes inside our purse. So far we have an IC card and today we needed to make money encase our IC Card doesn’t work. We had a 1000 yen bill on the table and some coins that we can look at for inspiration. Some friends make coins and some made colorful bills. I wonder what else we need to make to go into our purse?

  It was a lovely Wacky Wednesday with our weird schedule but we like to be wacky so it’s ok! Hope you’ve had an awesome day as well!



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