Our little Ohana City Bus

What a beautiful day we had today! The sky was blue all morning and sunny!  We are so happy to be at school and we ready for a fun filled day! Se started our morning by making our Red City Bus. We first painted the cardboard box red. We then looked at the London city bus and identified some of the parts on the bus. We saw the tires, the lights, the number plate and the destination sign. We decided to add those to our City bus, so we dived into the junk art box and found whatever we thought we could use. We grabbed lids for the wheels, bottle caps for the head lights and scrap paper for our destination board and number plate. We worked together with Pooja to make the destination board. We all talked about where we wanted our bus to go and we decided on Tokyo Tower! We worked together with Pooja to write the destination sign board. B volunteered to wright the license plate number all by him self. After we finished our bus, it was time to play with it! We took turns hoping into the bus and driving around the classroom all the way to Tokyo Tower!


We finished one of our buses, but we also need to complete our second bus. We decided to make it a yellow Ohana School Bus. We got a lot of yellow construction paper and used scissors to cut the paper into little pieces. We glued them on to the bus. Today we only used yellow paper, tomorrow we might paste something else.

After we finished packing away our toys, we got into a circle to have our circle time. We learned about transportation and cars today! We looked at all different kinds of buses and vehicles.

Pooja– Do you know about the Double Decker Bus?

S– No

B– It’s huge! (arms wide open)

J– We can go ride the small bus

B– I ride the bus to Honmura

J– I ride a small one

Pooja– What can we do on the bus?

J– We get off

E– Sit down

J– Walk because we are not at the park.

S– Go up and sit

Pooja– What do we need to buy before we get on the bus?

J– Some fruits

J– Ticket!

*Opened a page with a cool sports car on it*

Pooja– What kind of car is this?

J– Dinosaur car

B– A Lamborghini

We had a lovely day and we are looking forward to our bus ride tomorrow!


The little bus drivers of Petals 2018