The Wheels on the Bus


We have come to the end of our first summer school week and what a fun filled week it has been!

As we started our day, we noticed that Chiaki was quite busy with some preparations for our art materials. We saw some newspaper and lots of colored markers on the table. She showed us how to make a special bus driver hat because  this week we’re going to talk about “The Wheels on the Bus”. It is such perfect timing to get to know more about this song and dance with it during the day.

We did some puzzles as well and for now, we’re really getting so much better with our categorizing and matching skills. We simply enjoyed putting the pieces together and proudly showed our teachers how we could finish them with little guidance.

We also had our train tracks lined up on the carpet and we slowly connected altogether. It was really nice to see how well some of our friends building our very own train station. We got some tunnels, windmills, tunnels and  actual mini-stations. We also had different types of trains that we could move around and when one of our friends saw the alphabet  train, he started singing ABC.

It’s Monday so that means it’s Miyashita-sensei day. While waiting for him to come downstairs, we sang our “Good morning” song. It is nice to get to know our new friends’ names and we’re slowly learning how to say their own names in front of the group. We also sang the “Wheels on the Bus” song and we couldn’t stop dancing to the song each time it is played in class.

Miyashita-sensei, our gym teacher, came with a big smile again and we all started doing our regular routines. We stretched and did various animal actions. We’re really getting better at this. Our special game today was “Dodgeball”.  However, Miyashita-sensei didn’t do it the usual throwing but he was very gentle rolling it to the ground. Of course, we had to run away and make sure that the ball wouldn’t touch us. Thank you so much, Miyashita-sensei!

With the scorching heat outside, it didn’t stop us to go out and play at the park. We were all able to walk while holding onto the rope and when we got to the park, it was absolutely amazing to see how our friends became very excited to run around and explored the different park equipment. We saw Petals class children and we played with them too. It was beautiful to see how each of us are learning from one another through play and social interaction.

Going back to school was very easy, we also had a short circle time wherein we talked about the “Bus driver”. Some of our friends said that their daddies and mommies can drive the bus. We also learned about being careful while crossing the street. We need to remember to raise our hands and sing “Hands up, hands up”. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you so much Ohana for another great learning experiences. We hope you all will have a lovely day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Summer Bud’s Class 2017-2018