From the Farm to Hollywood

Dear Mom and Dad,       

          It was a busy day today– we had our shooting for our drama! We were not able to make it to the park, because– well, that’s the busy life of a movie star. 

  Our day started with us finishing our farm animals book with Liezel. Our farm animals book is not your ordinary farm– it had giraffes, elephants, lions, and rainbow– colored horses. We can take them home today and we can have a look at it together, yes?



   We also went upstairs with Hisami in our garden– we planted some sunflower seeds and watered them. We had some leftover sunflower seeds from the ones we planted for Tohoku. The sunflowers will be like a special link from Ohana to Tohoku– may they grow beautifully!


  We had a big watermelon from T yesterday. He said that his mom has a big watermelon in her tummy.  Hisami helped us to slice it into tiny pieces, which we shared with everybody in Ohana. Thank you so much, T! It’s so refreshing– perfect for summer!

  We had our snacks after cleaning up, then we practiced a bit for our drama. We reviewed the story we finished yesterday, and then we had a few instructions from our directors. Then, it was time to shoot! Lights, camera, action!


  Once upon a time, there were three pigs.

  “We are brothers!” the pigs said.

  One day, they went to the forest. Then, they saw two big bad lions! They were so hungry.

  “I want to eat you!” they growled at them.

  “Noooooo!” the pigs wailed.

  The lions were about to eat the pigs, but then, a cute Just then, a cute little bunny hopped over to them.

  “Hi! I’m a cute bunny!” the bunny announced.

  “I want to eat you, too!” the lions roared at her.

  Out of their sight, they didn’t know that a dog was watching all of them.

  “Oh no!” the dog cried. “I need to call Old McDonald!” she said. She took out her iPhone made out of wood, and dialed Old McDonald.

  “Old McDonald, help!” the dog said. “There’s a lion that wants to eat my animal friends!” she told him. Two other dogs, who were with Old McDonald and heard the conversation were worried.

  “Old McDonald, we need to help our friends!” They told him. So, they all went to the forest.

  “We’re here!” they said when they saw the three pigs, and the cute bunny. “We’ll help you!” they reassured them.

  “We will eat you, too!” the lions snarled at them.

   The strongest sheep also knew what was happening.

  “I’m here!” she announced to the all. “I will save you. Don’t worry!” she tried to console them.

  The other animals also knew what was going on– that there were big, bad lions who wanted to eat their friends. So, the horse, the cow, and the cats also wanted to help, and they went to the forest.

  “Go away big, bad lions!” They said in a loud voice. “You can’t eat our friends!” They commanded the big, bad lions.

  The big, bad lions got scared. There were so many animals that were trying to drive them away– and they did!

  “HOORAY!” the animals cheered. “No more big bad lions!”

  And all the animals lived happily ever after. The end.

  When we finished shooting the drama, we couldn’t wait to watch it. But, Pauline said that she needs to edit it, meaning, she needs to fix it, so that the movie will look beautiful.

  There wasn’t time left for us to go to the park, so we played the Freeze Dance game with Hisami, while she played the drum. We were still on a high from our shooting, so we were all buzzing with excited energy. We calmed down with a do– nothing– yoga pose, and Hisami, our resident yogi, rubbed some calming, sweet– smelling essential oil on our forehead, and massaged our shoulders while were lying down. It felt really good.

  That brings our “Old McDonald Had a Farm” week to a close. We wonder what our theme will be next week?



All the movie stars in Flowers Class