Old McNimo Had a farm


Old McNimo Had a farm
Good morning Ohana! We are here at school and we are ready to roll! We started our special day with costume making! We have been practicing our Old McDonald song all week and we decided we wanted headbands and face paint to act our the Old McDonald song. We worked with our teachers to make our special unique headbands. We got to choose what farm animal we would like to be and we crafted a headband with the animal’s ears on it, then we got to design and color our headbands to make then unique and one of a kind!
When we were done with crafting our headbands we had Pooja paint our faces! A few of were a little bit hesitant, but we all decided to give it a go and once we got our face paint we absolutely loved it! Matched with our headbands we looked just like the farm animals we know and love. Nimo was going to be the Farmer so we got a chance to paint his face! We gave him a mustache and a beard! It was fun taking turns and drawing on our teacher’s face!
While we were waiting for all of our friends to get prepared we went off to finish off our process Barn art. We pasted grass, hay and textured cloth on the art to make our own barn.
After we got all of our friends ready for the performance we did a couple of rehearsal rounds to prep for the real deal. We had Pooja ready the camera and we sang the “Old McNimo” song with our Barn we finished up today! We had a blast singing in our costumes and even after we were finished we kept our face paint for the rest of the day. Thankfully it didn't rain today so we got everything ready and headed off to the park. The neighbors really en-joyed our face paint! Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow as well and even bet-ter if we can get some sunshine!
The cute little farm animals of Petals Sum-mer Class 2018!