Farm Animals Need Help!

Rain rain go away, little Buds want to play,

Come again another day!

Come rain or shine Buds know to have fun!

This morning as the children arrived the tables were set up for art and Montessori sensory toys. At one table we had the continuation of our animal foot print painting from yesterday. Today the children helped to add on the wood the barn might need. While some found the glue too stick, others enjoyed the feeling of glue between their fingers.

At the carpet area, children played with our Noah’s Arc wooden toys. At the kitchen area was also a huge success, as children “cooked” and shared their yummy treats with each other.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome a  new friend and their family to Bud’s Class!

Thank you for joining the Ohana family and we cannot wait to see our new friend blossom into a young adult, in her journey with us.

After our morning fun and snack time, it was time for our fun circle time. This morning we decided that our farm animals needed a bath. We acted out a scene where dog and pig from the farm wanted to play with their other animal friends, but sadly the friends had gone to the jungle and got dirty. The children decided that all the animals needed a bath, with the help of Bud’s class. One by one children laid the animals down gently into their bath. But sadly, one of our animal friends were scared to go into the bath. Mr. Giraffe need some extra encouragement and reassurance to go inside. So the children went around telling giraffe "it's okay" to help him feel more comfortable.  They then came up and used tooth brushes to gently scrub the dirt (aka paint) and pat them dry. The children were so proud and happy too see all the “farm” animals clean!

Once our circle time was over it was time  for some dancing! We danced with our teachers and even sang finger songs with each other. Children loved all the fun songs we played in class. By the end of it we sure grew an appetite and it was time for lunch.

Thank you Buds parents for always supporting us! Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow!!

Lots of love,

Summer Bud’s Class 2017-2018