Happy Sunny Tuesday!


Hello, Mr. Sun! We are so happy to see you again in the sky. Our Tuesday was very special to have two big events.

Special event number one was a secret birthday party for five teachers. June babies Goh san and Chiaki, and July babies John, Pauline and Liezel. We tried to keep this party secret, but it was too hard for us to keep our mouths closed. Today was Goh san’s real birthday, so when she came in our classroom, we sang a Happy Birthday song for her. Her face was full of happiness and it made us smile, too. We all gathered in the Buds Class, and we celebrated their birthday with singing, giving them shiny crowns, and sending our handmade birthday cards. Liezel looked very happy with the gorgeous birthday crown. Pauline looked super elegant with the sparkling crown. Happy birthday to teachers, we hope you will have a wonderful birthday soon.

Special event number two was going to the Arisugawa park to drop off our sunflowers. Our sunflower project duty is over now. They will be traveling to Tohoku soon to make a huge sunflower field there. Some people in Tohoku are still suffering from the big earthquake, so these sunflowers could cheer them up every summer.  We put wooden sticks in each pot with colorful decorations and lovely messages for them.  We have been taking good care of sunflowers and we observed them growing up day by day. Luckily, we still have some pots in our balcony, so we will continue our own sunflower project. On the way to the park, some of our friends mentioned about the big earthquake in Osaka yesterday. It was good opportunity to think how to support them. Travel safe, our sunflowers!

On the way back to school, we stopped by the new playground next to the baseball field. We enjoyed the new equipment there. The slide was little bit warm from the sun, but we didn’t mind to slide on it.

Of course, we were busy to make our farm book and animal masks this morning. There were variety of art materials on the table. We made our own animal masks with colored paper, pipe cleaners, feather, googly eyes, foams and more. We cut out the holes for our two eyes, then we can cover whole face with animal masks. There was a scary lion and a cute duck walking around in Flowers Class. We are looking forward to seeing more animals in our classroom tomorrow.

In the circle time, our discussion was about food for the farm animals. They also need to eat like we do.

Hisami :        What does chicken eat?

E:           Pizza? Chocolate?

Hisami :          What does lion eat?

R :             Meat like giraffe.

Hisami:          How about a cat?

M:     Cat food.

Mi:             Milk.

R:              Mouse.

A had a question what kind of food elephants eat, so we all thought and thought.

Y :        Tree. Leaves.

A2 :               Apples.

We were not sure what they eat, so we decided to do the research later.

Hisami :       How about you? What do you eat?

Mi:         All sort of food.

R :           Cow’s milk we drink.

T :      Sausages from pig.

We realized that we had lots of food products from the farm and we eat them. One idea popped up in our mind.  Cooking day! We can choose some food from the farm, then we can cook and eat. It must be fun. This is our next plan. What shall we cook? What do you want to eat?

Our story for today was “Seven Sillies”, a pig, a sheep, a goat, a rabbit, a hen, a mouse and a frog. It was funny because six animals thought there were six animals in the pond. And they jumped in the water to fetch them. Then…….. Did they catch something in the pond? Well, the frog was teasing them. We loved the end of the story.

Thank you for the lovely day. Our Flowers class farm is waiting for you to come back tomorrow!

Love always,

Flowers Class Children