Our First Day of Petals! (Summer School Edition)


June 18
Our First day in Petals Class (summer school ver.)!
Good morning Petal Class! We are so excited to be in a brand new class with new friends! Although we were a bit worried about our transition into a new class, it was not as bad as we thought. We have some new friends in Petals, but most of our friends were former Buds mates and we also had Nimo come up with us to help us ease into Petals. We did have one new friend join us starting today! His name is M and we already got along well and played together. Our new teacher Pooja was very kind and caring which really helped us feel welcome. We started our morning with a little bit of art. Our theme for this week is “Old McDonald” so we are painting our own farm and we will be working on that over the course of the week.
Our Mondays wouldn't be complete without Miyashita Gym Class! Although it was in a new class with a few new friends, we knew what we had to do and we enjoyed the gym class like we always did. Because we are bigger now Miyashita sensei prepared for us brand new exercises and activities which were a lot more difficult to do, but we will keep at it and practice!
After our Gym class we had our first circle time! Our former Buds friends taught our Petals friends the “Good morning song”! Tomorrow we will have Petals friends teach Buds their version of the good morning song! We then sang Old McDonald together. We each got to bring an animal to our farm, some of us brought Dinosaurs and Hippos to the farm, we could tell you, we had one awesome farm!
We had a good laugh with our wacky farm, but after all that moving and singing we got really hungry so it was time for snacks! We had a very nice and almost too quiet snack time, after we neatly packed away we put on our smocks and headed off to the park! Luckily for us it didn't rain today and no one else was at the park besides us! We had a great time run-ning around with our friends and teachers.
Needless to say we had an awesome first day (summer school) in Petals and we’re excited for all the fun that awaits us!
The Summer Petals of Petals 2018