Teddy Bears' Picnic

June 14th, 2018

Dear Parents,

Education about how to identify and handle our emotions (especially those that are unpleasant or frightening) is as important as other kinds of learning. Mo fell down as he was playing in the park and read one such book by Cornelia Maude Spelman to help him understand and manage his feelings and relate successfully to others.

We discussed other emotions as well this morning and shared with each other how we felt about the bare classroom walls, End of the year party and what it means for us.

Tem – In the party, I like the game Bingo

Av – me too, I love Bingo

Tai – I like tooty ta ta dance

Sa– I like bingo

Ant – I like newspaper dance

Mo – my daddy didn’t carry me, I was stepping on my daddy’s foot when I was doing dancing

Pooja – I am so proud of you all. Give yourself a big clap and a big pat on your back. When you go to Flowers class next year, remember that you have to dare to be different, and not copy your friends when they are being silly.

Sayaka – When you do new things in Flowers Class, it might be challenging at first, but remember ‘Never Give up’

Pauline – Be obedient and listen to your teachers in Flowers class. Be responsible

Ziqi – you children should also be thankful to your teachers for working so hard for you this year. Let’s sing a song for them ‘You are my sunshine’

Av – I don’t see stars any more (she meant the decorations on the wall and other decorations in the classroom, in general)

Tem – because we are big boys and girls

Tai – because when we big we touch ceiling

Gr – when I am big, I am going to Australia

Sa – we are big, now go to Flowers class

Grand A– we are so sad

Sa – I am happy

Tem – I am excited

Gr – me too, same same, I am sad but excited

Av – I am happy

Pooja – I am nervous for next year


Then we learnt about a new emotion ‘feeling nervous’. Teachers confessed that they were a bit nervous initially about the party yesterday but were so happy it went smoothly. They explained that when we do something for the first time, when something is new, it can make some of us feel nervous or scared, and its okay. Emotions change with the changing situation. When we are used to the new class, we would probably not feel so nervous anymore.

Tai – me too, I am nervous

Av– me too

Its okay to feel different emotions. It’s a part of life and its okay. Sometimes we don’t know how to identify and handle them. And we are learning.

Later we went to the park for a teddy bear’s picnic. It was so much fun to choose our own teddy and take them for a walk, do picnic with them and then do a teddy bear’s race, including running race, bunny race, crab race, backward race, etc. We made the most of our second last day in Petals class.

Tomorrow is our last day as Petals and we have a Movie party, complete with popcorn. We are so excited!!!!!



All of us in Petals Class