Bollywood here we come!


A is for apple, B is for bear……….we are still singing some of our songs from our Graduation Party celebration yesterday. And, we are still enjoying the fruits of our success and how much fun it was, singing in front of our parents and other family members. Our teachers shared with us how proud they felt when we were singing, dancing, receiving our certificates etc. They said that it was OUR special day, and we really put our heart and soul into it, to show how skills and how much we have grown this year. Our teachers asked us how we felt about the party yesterday:
Junto: I was sooooooooo happy and proud.
Dev: I was excited and proud
Junto: I was happy and proud and also a little bit sad
Shelley: Why were you feeling a little bit sad?
Junto: Because I’m gonna leave and then I wont be able to see my friends
Miles: I have a cup at home with all pictures of my friends. So I can look at them.
Then our teachers shared their thoughts and comments.
Kai: I thought you were aaaaaaamazing. You were amazing with your singing, your dancing and remembering everything.
Liezel: I felt the same as Kai and also you sang with beautiful voices and you did a great job.
Hisami: You were amazing with your singing, dancing and I was really proud of you. I loved it.
Shelley: You know what I thought. I thought that you didn’t even need us to be there because you knew exactly what to do, and when to do it. You sang proudly and showed your independence, your confidence in yourself and how much you believe in yourself.
Well done! And then we all clapped for one another. It was a great Graduation Party! We were so happy that our families could share in our joy, pride and achievements.
This morning, Shelley woke up really early, as she always does and she remembered that on Sunday it is Fathers Day. We usually don’t celebrate Fathers Day because it is not always so close to our regular school term however since it is just after we finish our school year, she thought that it would be good for us to make something. She sent a message to Liezel, Hisami and Kai (early in the morning) to suggest to them that we make something today for our dads. So that is just what we did.
We folded a half a piece of coloured construction paper and made it into the shape of a shirt. On the one side we wrote a message to our dads and on the other side we decorated the shirt with collage materials. We are glad that we could make something for our dads and ex-press how much we appreciate them in our lives.
During the morning we played a game called Lost Island. You first have to put large puzzle pieces together and then you use counters and a dice to move along a path to find treasure. We love playing games like this with our friends and teachers especially now, because we are older and know how to wait our turn. We are also able to count spaces and recognize the number of dots on the dice.
At the moment we are loving playing with the different sized blocks that we have in our classroom. We made constructions and then drew them on a piece of paper. Yesterday our teachers decided that it is not so easy for us to see what is inside the containers on our shelves, so they replaced them with transparent containers. Now we can see what is on the shelves and take the containers out by ourselves.
We don’t want to forget to remind you about tomorrow. Tomorrow is
It is going to be a really fun day because we don’t need to get dressed in the morning. We just come to school in our pajamas after brushing our teeth, washing our faces and eating breakfast. Our teachers told us that we can bring spare clothes to change into, if we want to , or, we can just stay in pyja-mas the whole day. What fun! We are sure that there will be some special things to do during the day, all related to our fun PYJAMA DAY.
We played “Concentration, Elimination” before we went outside and chose animals as the subject. We included our teachers in the game and they kept on saying animals that we had already chosen! They had to think again and again until they found a new animal.
Outside we played a game similar to “Tag” but we used a ball. Outside it was quite hot and when we came inside, it was cool. You can see from the picture of the flow-ers that our garden in the park is full of colour. We think that the flowers loved all the rain.
We thought John John was going to come in for music class today but instead Kiki came to our class. She came to teach us Bollywood dancing and we loved it. She asked us, “What is Bollywood dance? Do you have any idea?” Junto said, “Indian dance?” He was exactly right! It’s a type of dance that they have in India. She told us that Bollywood dancing is a bit different from ballet. We must move our legs, hips, shoulders, head, eyes, mouth, nose, and more; making our whole body shake. On top of that the main part of Bollywood dance is acting! We must be dramatic with our facial expressions. Kiki also asked us if we knew what language they speak in India. Dev shouted, “Hindi!” Yes, that’s right ! Did you know that in India there are 165 dialects? And some English words come from India, like zero and maths. We warmed up with some high knees, kicks, moving our shoulders up and down and head movements and then it was time for the fun stuff. We learned how to greet Bollywood dance style.
We put one step forward, opened our arms to the sky, went down to the ground and opened our arms. We do this to respect the sky, earth and our friends. We had to learn some basic finger moves before we started dancing.
Then we followed Kiki to dance two songs. We stood in our spot for the first song and the second song we stood in a circle. Both songs were very energetic and we had fun jumping around. We hope you’ll enjoy the short clip from our Bollywood class with Kiki. Thank you and we hope you’ll come back again and teach us every week just like Maryna does Ballet and John does Music. 
Thanks for another fun day at school, as we say goodbye to our time in Flowers Class. Today was Io’s last day, so we said goodbye to him and we look for-ward to seeing him next year, when we return after the summer holidays.
Love always,
All the children in Flowers Class