Birthday celebration....

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What a great day again in Buds! It didn’t rain today and we’re so happy to go to the park. After doing the morning jobs, we went to our activity tables and saw our tables busy preparing the stuff that we need to use. First, we stayed with Ashley and painted the small branches that we got from the park. It was really nice to see how we got so interested and just made sure that all of the sides were painted nicely with various colors that they prepared for us.    The other table was busy with pegs and boards that we can practice our fine motor skills with. There were also stacking blocks that Nimo helped us to build. It was amazing how it got so tall and we’re very happy to knock it over several times as well. The main learning experience we got from here is to de-velop our hand-eye coordination. We loved working with these types of manipulatives and it really makes our learning experiences more meaningful here at Ohana.    

Today, it is fascinating to see that there was not a single toy on the carpet area. Our teachers were waiting for us to get something out from the boxes but we decided to just stay in the  library and looked at the books. It was great that we always find something to do and get busy in our classrooms.    After packing our stuff away, C (Chl's mom) and N (Lu’s mom) came to our class. We wondered at first what they were doing here. When our teachers hummed a song, we realized that we’re celebrating Chl’s and Lu’s birthday. Their birthdays are on July but unfortunately, they are not joining our summer school so it is better to do it today. First, we sang the “Happy birthday” song and gave the birthday cards to them. We also asked about how big they are now and they said that they are both three. We counted three with our fingers and showed them to our friends. Then, we sang   “Skidamarink”. Of course, we gave them a big hug, high five and blew a kiss. Nicole also prepared some pieces of paper and she showed us how to make our own paper airplane.  We also got some special treats from them and we enjoyed the little muffins we had today. Happy birthday Chloe and Luca! We love you so much!  

We would also like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to our dear friend N. Today is her last day and we wish her all the best in life. Thank you so much S, El and Sh for the never-ending support we got from  you. We are surely going to miss you.

Lots of love,

All the loving and caring children from Buds class 2017-2018