T'was the night before.........................our graduation..............


A rainy Sunday became a rainy Monday and guess who was so happy about the rain? Who in our class loves the rain because it is food for the flowers? Yes, you guessed correctly! Shelley loves the rain be-cause our earth is being fed and of course, the flowers in our garden on the deck, which she takes care of, with so much love, are being nourished. It is similar to us when our families prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. At these times, we too are being nourished.
Tomorrow we are going to be very well nourished, not only because our families are preparing a special snack for our snack party but also because we will be full in our hearts, knowing that we achieved so much during our year in Flowers Class, personally and in all areas of our learning. We are especially proud of who we are; how much we care about one another; how we have learnt to celebrate difference and learn from one another; and how important it is to surround yourself with love and positive thoughts. Thanks Flowers Class friends and teachers!

We have two special songs that we are playing at our party tomorrow and we think that everyone needs to bring tissues with them, in case the songs make you cry. We don’t really want everyone to cry but we think that these two songs are really moving and are sung with strong passion and emotion. The ones is called “The greatest love of all” and the other is “We are the world”. Maybe some of our parents know them.

We did a short rehearsal today and we made some spaces for our friends who were not at school today, especially our friends who went to Honmura, Meg, Griffin and Charlie. We are so excited that they are all coming to celebrate with us. It will be almost all of Flowers Class.
We started moving the furniture today and took our carpets upstairs and tomorrow we will take a few more things there, so that we can have room for our parents, grandparents and other guests who are coming tomorrow. We are soooooo excited. Miles told Shelley: “I am so excited for tomorrow. It is “Top Secret!” He also said: “I must tell my mum about my clothes. What was it again?” Shelley: “Denim and white.”

We spent a large part of the morning being creative with paper, stencils, scissors, glue, tape, and scis-sors. We used the regular scissors and the pinking shears that make patterns when you cut paper. It was great to be able to work together with our friends with each of us choosing what we wanted to do and our teachers sitting and working with us. We played with some new blocks which Riou’s mum gave us, because she is cleaning out her closets at home, before they go and live in the USA. The blocks are different colours and there are cards with pictures of blocks next to and on top of one another. The in-structions are, to build the same pattern and they also say, that there are some blocks that you can’t see……….this part was a bit tricky for some of us. We had to work out how the blocks went on top of one another even though we couldn't see those that were underneath! Hmmmmmm?????

We noticed that there was a large black cloth on the one wall in our class-room, but none of us asked our teach-ers about it. One teacher from Petals Class, tried to peek in the morning and our teachers told her “NO!” She was so curious. What was hiding behind the black cloth? None of us were curious about what was behind the cloth. During our rehearsal, our teachers implied that there was something secretive and exciting behind the cloth. Junto said: “I know what it is but I don’t want to say because I don’t want to tell my friends the secret.” So, for the rest of the day, no one asked questions. Sometimes we accept things so easily and at other times, we ask so many questions!!!!


We played with the peg board which Riou also gave us. We played as a group using the outside of the container for some of the pegs and the white board to make some other patterns. We played cooperatively with one an-other which was a lot of fun. We know how to work together as a team when we play in small groups or large ones; and we have seen the value of being a team player.
We did Yoga after gymnastics and the only had one new game that we learnt in gymnastics class. Dur-ing warm up Miyashita sensei asked Junto and Mirai to be the teachers and they guided us in our warm up exercises. The new game that we learnt the “Banana game”. We moved around the room on our bottoms and when Miyashita sensei touched us, we had to raise our hands up like a ba-nana and shout “help”. When one of our friends came to us and “peeled the banana” we could move around again and continue playing the game. It was so much fun. It’s also funny because we are doing a peel the banana song with Maryna for our party tomorrow.

Thanks for a fabulous last day before our party. We are so excited and it has been especially beautiful, preparing for the party because we chose the songs that we wanted to sing and most of them are ones that we learnt throughout the year. ONE MORE SLEEP TO OUR PARTY! YAY!