Friday Fun Day!


   Jumped into Friday, had myself a shy day… wait... this is part of I’m gonna catch you song but we don’t feel shy at all. In fact we want to have Friday Fun day!  That’s exactly what we did!

  We haven’t gone on a picnic in a while so we were super excited to see the blue bag on the floor when we came to school. On the tables we worked on drawing on transparent paper with permanent marker. We drew layers so when it was stacked up we can see all of our drawings. There are going to be a lot of secrets again because graduation is almost here. Kai took a few of us aside to take some secret photos, we wrote a diary for the sunflower seed and some of us attempted to do the 500 piece puzzle.


  Before we knew it, it was time to go to the park! We got ourselves laddered up with sunscreen , bug spray and then put our smock and hat on. We took our drink bottle on the way out and lined up for the park. When we got to the park we started with some free play. Some friends caught Liezel and put her in jail. It was the first time Liezel was in jail! We made a restaurant jail and feed her food and tried to catch Kai. Some other friends helped Hisami water the plants and plant sunflower seeds in our garden. It was hot out today so Kai sprayed a bit of water on us to cool off. When the water was spraying in the air we saw a rainbow and got even more excited!

  After a bit of running around we started to get tired and decided it was time to eat snack. We all ran over to the picnic mat and sat next to our snack and drink bottle. D was the snack time leader today and asked everyone to raise our hands. We sang, “Snack time, goes down, down, down and round, round, round in my tummy, tummy, tummy. Makes my mind say yum, yum, yum. Thank you for snack time.  Itadakimasu!”. We enjoyed our lovely snack under the shade of the wall.

  Afterwards, we practiced our secret performances for graduation. Our friends took turns being conductors for each song and dance. It was so nice practicing outside in the sun!


  When we came back from the park.. Hisami read a part of Hop on Pop for us. Since yesterday R’s “Teach me now” was her reading a whole book. Hisami taught us how we can sound out each letter and put them together. She put three letters together and pick one of us to sound out each letter then we put all three sounds together.

  It was a nice Fun Friday to conclude the week. We hope you also had a fantastic week!


Flowers Class Children