Moving like cars


A rainy weather again, Buds class stayed in the classroom for the whole day but we still had so many things to do. We started off using our musical instruments. We got some drum shapes, maracas, mini-accordion, microphone, ukulele (there were two of them) and some noise makers. Our teachers also played the piano and the violin while we all danced around and enjoyed the whole musical performances. Another thing that we were interested in was playing with the kitchen play area. We gathered around the table and waited for our friends to prepare food for us. Our teachers asked if we could make something special for them and they said that they were also craving for some sandwich. We offered several things (broccoli, pasta and some potatoes) but they said that they really wanted to have a big piece of sandwich. One of friend figured out how to make one for him so he decided to put a big chunk of toy apple inside the toy loaf of bread. It was really creative. We also did some portfolio updates and scribbled on some pages for more creative input as well.

On our tables we still continued doing our process and we practiced threading and lacing. It was a bit challenging for all of us but in the end, we’re able to thread with little help from our teachers. Before having our snacks, Kiki read a book to us and it was amazing that we’re very attentive and cooperative the whole time. We read the book “How do dinosaurs go to school?” We described each  dinosaur as stripy, big, happy and happy.

Teacher: Where do you think the dinosaur is?

C: Park

Teacher: Is he a good or bad dino?

N: Bad.

Teacher: Why?

N: Maybe he’s a good dino.

J: Good!

We looked at the dinosaur books and Ben’s face lit up and gave a great smile.

J: He’s stopping this bus.

O: Yes, I have a backpack. Yellow.

N: He’s looking at the dinosaur. He’s running up the stairs.

Dinosaur yelling.

L: Ouchie!

C: Eating!

N: Grumpy!

Is dinosaur sitting nicely?

All (sits nicely).

Is it okay to push?

S: No. It’s not okay.

B: I’m a tyrannosaurus Rex. I am not a pirate anymore.

After our very fun and interesting conversation during our story time, we all had a little circle and played a game with our teachers. First, we sang our good morning song and we all enjoyed calling ourselves dinosaurs or big dinosaurs. We then reviewed what we talked about yesterday. We learned about the different sound of cars and trucks and then we played a special game. The game was about pretending to drive a police car, fire truck, and ambulance. We moved  around the classroom while singing and dancing to the song and then we all stopped and made the car sound all throughout the game. Then, we practiced singing solfege (do, re, mi) and we enjoyed making our own music in the classroom. We then made a big circle every time we sang do, ti, la, sol…and a small circle when we sang, do, re, mi, was so much fun because we got to sing faster and slower.

It was surely a time to enjoy in our classroom again because our friends were full of energy. Thank you so much Ohana and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the fun and loving children from Buds class 2017-2018