It’s amazing what we can get done on a rainy day. During free play time we were really interested in the cars, LEGO and puzzles. We made a parking lot with the cars, made a LEGO parking lot and started the Disney princess puzzle but the real fun starts after the circle time.

   Shelley talked about the menu we made yesterday and it lead into one of the new changes we have in the classroom. There is a nicely decorated table with a table cloth and a centerpiece on it. This will be our new snack time table. We will have the choice if we want to eat our snack or not. If we feel hungry we just go to the table and have our snack in the morning. There are only four chairs so we have to take turns sharing and waiting for our friend. Shelley then explained what a center is and what is a center piece for the table. She told us we could break off into groups, one group would work on the center piece with Kai, some will work on a secret present, birthday cards, puzzles and measurements.


   At the centerpiece table T and J looked at some centerpiece pictures that Kai printed out. We used the “See, Think, Wonder” strategy to come up with an opinion. Then we drew an example of what they wanted to make and decided to use J’s picture. After the drawing we went into the closet to see what materials are available.  We found a perfect box for the centerpiece, it had green grass looking paper in it. We used a lot of pipe cleaners, yarn and straws to make the centerpiece. Some of the other friends came to help make stems and flowers. The final product looks just like the drawing!

   On the other table we worked on something very special for an event. Can’t wait to see their reaction!

   Today we had our 5th Teach Me Now! It was J’s turn to go and he showed us how to make a lots of thing using square paper. He started by teaching us how to cut a perfect circle by folding the square piece of paper in a certain way. “First you have a square, fold it in a triangle, fold it to the middle, do a triangle then cut under the line.” were the instructions for the sun. He also taught us how to fold a trapezoid, make a roof, chimney and a door. It’s so cool we can make a whole house, a mountain and a sun using a square piece of paper. Thanks J!

   Since it was raining outside we had to release our energy which we’ve been building up all day. What better way than to FREEZE DANCE! We love playing freeze dance and didn’t want to stop. Luckily we might be playing a lot of it this week. Hope you all have a wonderful day like we did!


Flowers Class Children