Darling Daddy

May 31st, 2018

Dear Parents,


It seemed like it was Daddy’s day today. Most of us spoke about our dads and told the teachers that we love them and are missing them now. “I miss my daddy”, said Tem this morning when he came to school. He was sad, and our teachers suggested he make a card for daddy. Then Tem made a beautiful comic for him. When we asked Sh ‘who does daddy love?’ as part of our daddy’s day card, he replied “mommy. Daddy loves mommy”. Er said, “I love my daddy, he is cute” and A said, “my daddy loves me because I am his monkey”.

Later in the day, Sa showed her friends three pictures of her grandparents at different timeline.  The first was the current picture of her grandparents. They are about 70 years old now. In the second picture, they were about 40 years old, where as in the third picture they are about 25-30 years old. In this picture, we also see Sa’s dad (in red) who was about 5 years old at that time. Sa said, “my grandma and grandpa. Obachan and ojichan” and pointed to all the three pictures. We observed how they have grown and changed over time and had a small conversation.

Tem – grandma getting old and change hair color. It was black and now it is white.

Pooja – I wonder how and why the hair changes color when you grow old?

Tai – may be magic

Er – Sayaka has rainbow hair (pointing to the colored streak in Sayaka’s hair)

Mar – mumma pink hair

Mo – I want to change my hair color

Pauline – I colored my hair light brown, I like it

A – we can paint on paper, not on hair

Our teachers sometimes do not give us a direct answer, because they want us to be naturally curious and research the answers on our own.

Gr (changing the topic of discussion, looked at the picture of Sarah’s grandpa when he was in his 30s and then pointed to the picture of Sa’s daddy in her life book) – Sa’s daddy and grandpa looks the same

Sa – I look like my daddy

A – me like mommy

Tem – everyday my mommy say to me, you look like mommy and daddy

Mo – I think daddy

Wi – I don’t know

Tai – I look like mommy and daddy

Gr – I look like my sister Bes and Aud

Er – I look like mommy

Sayaka – Er, I think you look like Obachan

Faye (whispering to Ri) – say like mommy

Ri – say mommy

Sometimes we start talking about something and our discussion lead us somewhere else. That’s the fun of emergent curriculum, where we are not bound by topic discussions only. We like to choose what we would like to learn, and our teachers support our independence.

Sh enjoyed doing his Show and Tell with Brownie and showed his friends how Brownie licks and barks and says ‘woof woof’. He said, “Brownie is Japanese. He say Konichiwa. He say woof woof”. Then he showed a picture in which he is taking a shower with Brownie.

Sayaka – are you taking a shower with Brownie?

Sh – ya

Sayaka- did you swim with him?

Sh (laughing) – ya.

In another picture he was feeding something to Brownie and said, “food. Nato. uum”

Pooja – did Brownie like it?

Sh- Brownie say yum

Wi – did you give him anything else to eat?

Sh – no

An – did you go to bath?

Sh – ya

Av – did you play with Brownie?

Sh – ya

Sayaka – did Ken Ken play with Brownie?

Sh – No. Ken Ken naughty

Tem – did you sleep with Brownie?

Sh – ya

Thank you, Sh for your Show, and Tell. Ri is taking Brownie home today.

It was a beautiful day and we had fun playing in the park. We also did dancing with Maryna and practiced the performances for our End of the year party.

Thank you for an amazing day everyone! See you all again tomorrow!


Little dancers in Petals Class