Music at the park


A great day again in Buds class! We are always happy to come and experience the wonderful atmosphere and love that we get from all of our friends and teachers. First, we started doing our special painting that we started making since yesterday. We’re almost done and we couldn’t wait to show it to our parents. Hope that they will all like it.

The other table was our puzzle area and we loved playing with our manipulatives. We tried to complete the whole set so we stayed for a long time putting all the pieces together. We also asked for help when we felt that we couldn’t complete them. The puzzles were focused mainly on categorizing colors so that’s one clue that we all need to think when we were doing the puzzles.

For our free play time, we got our fishing rod game again, Mr. Potato Head toys, and connecting people. These manipulatives are good for our fine motor skills development because they  help our fingers to grip harder and move more flexible. After that, we all cleaned our toys and we all enjoyed helping our friends in putting away our stuff in the cupboard. Then we all sat down together for our circle time. We had a little bit of puppet show and we used our dinosaur figurines. We made a scenario  wherein the ankylosaurus was having  a hard time moving his body and then his friend triceratops was laughing at him. The ankylosaurus cried because he felt hurt. In the end, the triceratops apologized to him and they started playing with one another again. We danced with our dinosaur actions while our teachers were playing music in the background. It is nice to jump, stomp, spin around and crawl like real dinosaurs.

We had an early park time today and we’re always excited to have our picnic outside. We ate our lunch and had our music lesson with Flowers Class. We did lots of music and breathing exercises. We said “AAAA”, “OOOO” and “UUUU” every time we had to breathe out. We also learned about singing loudly, softly and when to stop with John’s hand signals. It was really amazing working with older children because they knew what they needed to do in class. After music class, we continued playing at the  slide and swing. We surely had a long but wonderful time at the park with our friends and teachers.

Thank you so much Ohana for a great day and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the little dinosaurs from Buds class 2017-2018