Marvelous Miyashita Monday

May 28th, 2018

Dear Parents,

“Happy Birthday Sa”, as we sang this song, we saw Sa’s eyes fill up with tears. When Pooja asked her about it, she shyly said, “I am so happy, I cry”. Moments like these really melt our hearts. Sa declared “I am not a baby anymore. I am a big girl because I am 4 years old”.

We continued our Timeline growth craft and Av said, “When I was a baby, I drink milk from my mommy’s boo boo. Now I am a big girl. When I grow even big I want to be tall like my daddy (she pointed to a picture in her lifebook with her daddy). When I grow little bit big, I can be like Atu. When I grow very big, I will be like my other grandpa. I can have white hair”. Mo commented during his craft work, “When I was a baby, I was in mumma’s tummy. Then I come out, but I can’t walk. Now I can jump, run and skip. When I am old, I am very very big. I will be like Kumi oba-chan. Then I will be like big obachan and I will have hair like her – black and silver”.


Monday means Miyashita sensei day and we always look forward to this day in the week, so we can exercise and keep fit. Last week, we spoke about the importance of exercise and how it helps us grow. We could retain information in our mind and spoke about it before the gym class today. Then we did some warm up exercises and focused on learning how to balance. We did table pose to balance and then Miyashita sensei added a difficult dimension to it by asking us to do table pose with one hand up. Now this was really challenging. We also practiced airplane balance.

After this we did a new routine, in which we were divided into two groups and when we got the instruction, we had to go to touch our friends’ hand standing opposite to us at the other end of the room and do ‘High five’. We listened carefully for the action that was called for and either walked, ran, hopped or skipped to give ‘high five’ to our friend. These action games are really good to help us learn to concentrate and maintain attention.

This was followed by another new activity in which we threw a big ball and then a small ball on a green mat, which was our target. As we played this game, we worked on our hand eye coordination as well as our gross motor skills. At the end, we played ‘Hot Ball’, in which the teachers threw ball at us, and we had to escape it because it was ‘hot’. If the ball touched us, we were out. We had to be very fast to escape and that was what the fun was about. Thank you always Miyashita Sensei for planning such fun games for us each week.

Tai did his ‘Show and Tell’ with Brownie and showed us a picture as he told us, “I play Arisugawa park with Brownie. I sit on a horsie ride. I do back and forward. Brownie say he wants to go off, because Brownie is scared. I said okay”. Then Tai showed us another picture and said, “I play in the sand with Brownie. I also play with dump truck and Brownie in sand”. Then Tai showed us something really interesting. It was a house made of a box for Brownie, “I make a house for Brownie with my daddy. I use a box. I think Amazon box. My mummy help me to paint it. I will put brownie in the house. The house is so beautiful”. Then he said, “I rode a bus with Brownie. I go home with my mummy and daddy and my baby too. Brownie don’t have a seat. Brownie says he want to go to school, to Petals class, Ohana International school”. We loved Tai’s imagination and asked him some questions.

Mo – did you take a shower with Brownie?

Tai- No, because there is a hole here (and pointed to the bottom of Brownie). Its broken, so no shower.

Mi – did you go to the park with Brownie?

Tai – yes, Arisugawa park

Wi – did you also go to Robot park?

Tai – no

An - Who did you go in the bus with?

Tai – mommy, daddy, Taisei and my baby too

Pooja – did you buy a bus ticket for Brownie?

Tai- no. yes yes mommy have it

Pooja – which language did Brownie speak in?

Tai – Chinese, Ni hao

Sayaka – did Brownie eat something special at your home?

Tai – Brownie eat me (did the action of how Brownie ate him)

It was soo funny and we all laughed.

Thank you for a wonderful day everyone! See you all again tomorrow!


All of us in Petals Class