The Bollywood Experience and a Park Picnic

May 25
Bollywood dancing!
N amaste everyone! We are blessed again with another wonderful day with fabulous weather! Our energetic teachers all greet-ed us with a great big smile so we greeted them back with a great big hug. We had a great time like always playing with our friends.
As much as we would like to keep playing in the morning we are very busy buds so we have to quickly tidy up for our next activity. Today, we had a special treat. We had Kiki do a special Bollywood class for us. The set up was very similar to our Ballet class as we all had a spot in the class with our mats. However, the sound of the music was a lot different from what Maryna plays for her Ballet class. Kiki played for us a different kind of music. The music she played for us was much more up beat which required a lot of shaking and jumping.
We burned a lot of energy from the first song and we were expecting some more jumping and shaking, but the song that Kiki play for us next was much slower and very spiritu-al. We did slow movements and made animals with our hands and body and became one with the earth. We had a great time dancing with Kiki and we would love to do it again!
After our amazing time with Bollywood dancing. We all got our sunscreen, bug spray, and hats on to head off to the park. We took our picnic mats and our snacks to the park and had a nibble under the warm sun. The moment we were done eating we packed away and started playing. Our teachers were very energetic today so we had a great time chasing and being chased by our beloved teachers.
We got back to school and had a short circle time. We sang, “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a "K" Put it in the oven for Kiki and me!”. We each got to order our favorite cakes like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, you name it we had it all.
We had a wonderful time at school today and our par-ent and teacher will have a special night together with Par-ent Teacher Social Night. Hope you all have fun and we will see Ohana next week!
The Bollywood Actresses and Actors of Buds Class 2018