Global Citizen


    Dancing days are here again! Hooray for dance! We listened and dances to a lot of our classics today. We know all our songs by now and can sing and dance to them confidently. First we found our own open spots and glued our feet to the floor. Then we sang “Get set” song. After that we danced to “How’s the weather”, “walk, stomp, tip-toe” and caught some insects with “Mosquito” song. We got the mosquitoes and then we have to go catch a bear with “Going on a bear hunt”. After all the exercise we need to eat something and danced to “Peel the banana”. Full of energy with all the fruits we can run some more with “I’m gonna catch you”  but we have to remember to eat healthy so our next song is “Ice cream once in a while”. We ended the dance party with “Make a circle” and “Good toes/ naughty toes”. What an exhausting but fun dance day. We love it when Maryna comes on Thursdays!


  Yesterday, we finished our continent painting, when it was dry the teachers laminated it and cut them out for us. Today, we took a look at them and discussed what we could do with them for graduation. Ju mentioned that we could punch holes in them and add a string in order to put it over our neck. L suggested that we can put it on a large piece of cardboard and we can hold it. They’re both great ideas but we have no idea what we’re going to do yet… Hisami showed us the Montessori world map and we tried to match the continent to where they belong. The colors are the same but the shape and size are different. We took turns looking at the map and figured how it fit together with our continents. Sometimes everything just aligns  itself because the activity  was a perfect transition for…


  “Teach me now”! Today it was Mi’s turn to teach us something. She pulled out a hand written note for herself and a globe to show everyone. She said, “Today, I’m going to talk about the globe. Do you know where we live?”. Some of our friends raised their hand and Mi asked them, “Do you want to point?”. She picked Yu to point at where she’s from . Yu carefully looked at the map and pointed to Japan. Then Mi asked, “Who knows their own country?” and had her friends come up to point to where their countries are. La pointed at America and Al pointed at Japan. D said India but needed help to find where it is. We talked about which continents India is on then Mi searched the globe and found India by herself. She also helped her friends find England, South Africa and the Philippines. Thank you for the lovely teach me now! Mi! It fit perfectly with our discussion today.

  After the teach me now, Kai asked us a question about the map and globe. He asked us why the map we have two pieces for Antarctica and on the globe there’s only one. We took time to think about it. Ri said, “The two pieces puzzle are not connected that’s why it’s not one. Ju thought, “For real the Antarctica is not two. It needs to be connected because you cannot make it round that’s why.” D explained, “There is two Earth. Usually the two Earth should be connected. If should be one the inside is dark and the outside is light.” La also added what he thought, “There’s not enough room for Antarctica in the map.

  Of course cause it was sunny outside so we went out to play and got sweaty and dirty! What a wonderful day at school. We hope you had the same as well.



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