Planting at the park


Another beautiful day and we’re so happy to have our friends and teachers again in Buds class. We started our day with some awesome art activities prepared for us. First, we went to the table where they had the paper plates scattered around. We took the half of it and began scribbling and drawing dots and lines on them. Here’s an interesting conversation we had with our friends today.

Br: I am making dots for mommy. I use pink and black. Pink circle, black circle and….(then she got the purple marker) purple circle.

A: This is broom...broom…(making the sound of a car and he was pointing at his work)

O: I am making a triangle. The black one is hair.

J: I am drawing a butterfly, spider and I want to write my name.

Be: I am making a car...ooopsss...I want to erase my car and write my name on it.

S: I can write my name on it (then she started scribbling and drawing different shapes).

R:’s a car (he showed his teachers what he did).

Ha: I am drawing a park. There is a small dot and that is a slide. The swing is behind the park.

Be: I want to make another train car.

We went to the other table and Ashley played with the  finger puppets. The castle looks amazing because we can actually open the big door. There, we imagined that our puppets were actually speaking to us. Before going to the park, we had a small circle time. We sang the Firetruck song and it was actually a song that we needed to put the words in. The conversation went on like this…

Teacher: Who drives the firetruck?

Ha: Monkey!

Teacher: What do we need to use to put out the fire?

Be: Water canon!

Teacher: After putting out the fire, where do we need to go?

Be: Police car.

Teacher: Who drives the police car?

A: Ba..baa..

Teacher: What does the police officer need to do?

Be: He needs to go pee.

L: He needs to go to the side.

Teacher: Then what?

Be: Flush the toilet.

S: Wash our hands.

Teacher: After washing hands, where do we need to go?

Buds class: Go to the park and play!

Teacher: After the park, where do we need to go?

Buds: Let’s go swimming.

B: There’s a big shark!

Teacher: After swimming, what’s next?

He: Let’s go home with the fire truck.

O: We go home and cook food.

Teacher: After eating, what can he do?

O: He can go to sleep.

H: Wake up!

We all went to the park and had a picnic at the green area. We also enjoyed playing with  Petals class because they had their music lessons with John. It was really great to see how we could have this special time with all of our friends. We ran and it was a busy day for everyone!

Today was also gardening day. Some of our friends went and helped Flowers class to put the seedlings in the soil. We even got a chance to touch the worm. It felt really weird in our hands. Thank you so much Ohana for a great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the imaginative children from Buds class 2017-2018