Our neighbourhood


Whacky Wednesday! Today was a little whacky because our class-room looks different, with the furniture moved around. The car-pet is where the big table was and the big table is in the other part of the classroom. On the floor underneath the felt board and the Lego wall is a large 3D representation of our neighbourhood. We added all the rest of the roads and shops and landmarks to our 3D neighbourhood and next week we will be able to use it as Dev suggested, yesterday. Since today was sort of Whacky Wednesday, Hisami read some pages of the book Whacky Wednesday. We found a teacher in her classroom on roller skates; a very old man with a long white beard sitting in the classroom with children learning at school; one of the desks with its back to the teacher; a person without a head sitting at his desk; a person sitting at his desk with someone standing on his head, writing on the chalk board; the alphabet had the Y and Z in the wrong place; Abraham Lincoln in the picture had Henry V111 written on the frame; and one of the legs of the teacher’s desk was wearing a shoe. It looked like a whacky classroom. Maybe it was Wednesday in the picture too! Our classroom was not as whacky as the one in the book.
Our 3D neighbourhood took a while to put together because we tried to remember which streets the stores, statues, hous-es, buildings etc. were. Our perspective is slightly dif-ferently as we didn't have so much space. We also wanted to include all the photos and of course the fire station, park and Ohana. We spent time walking through the neighbourhood which may seem small how-ever it is extensive and there are many things that we saw and took photos of.
We worked on our Portfolios this morning, pasting some pictures and work into it. Since we are almost at the end of the school year, we are adding whatever we learnt about re-cently in class and we also are working out, what to include in the Portfolios, based on the number of pages that we have left. When we sat on the mat for our morning meeting, we had an interesting discussion about Profes-sions, Jobs, Work, Careers etc. We worked out that there were four teach-ers in the classroom and then secretively,
we wrote our names on the white board and whispered what we would like to be when we grow up. Afterwards we read our friends names and tried to read what Career Choice they all made. We were surprised and excited for every-one and look forward to meeting our Flowers Class mates, one day, all grown up and maybe living their dream profes-sions, as stated on this day, May 16th, 2018! We will ask Griffin, Charlie and Meg to send us their chosen career via email. What fun we had. Some of us ac-tually changed our minds a few times. Our teachers asked us if it was possible to just choose one for now. Some people have many professions which makes their life quite colourful. We too, may end up with more than one profession; and you can live your dreams even when you are much older e. g. Shelley is a teacher and she still wants to be an artist; Hisami is a preschool teacher and a Yoga teacher and she wants to be a mother; Liezel is a teacher and mother and she still wants to be a chef; Kai is a teacher and he wanted to be an astronaut when he was younger. We are going to be doing something special with all our chosen careers for our Graduation ceremony.
Wait and see!
Hisami weighed and measured us this morning to make sure that we all have our up to date measurements in our Portfolios. Our Portfolios are a record of our year in Flowers Class and we will present them to our parents at Graduation. We hope that all of our families have the date for Gradutation diarized in their iphones or diaries. It is on Tuesday 12th June at 10am.
We had time to play outside in the park and took our water bottles with us, so that we remained hydrated throughout the time. Shelley noticed that even with water in our bodies, our cheeks were so pink. She asked us to try to re-member to bring along a sunhat, so that we protect our beautiful soft skin, from the harsh effects of the sun.
Our teachers are looking forward to talking to our parents tomorrow at the Parent Teacher conferences. Some of us will come to school tomorrow for baby sitting in the office while our parents are chatting to our teachers. We are glad that we will still come to school even if it is for a short time.
Love always
Flowers Class children


Look at our happy teachers celebrating their birthdays. They are our May “babies” with Maryna and Nimo, already having celebrated their birthdays; and Sayaka’s will be on Parent Teacher Social Night. We gave them so many hugs, cards and we sang many songs. Sayaka said that she is 30 which is the same age as Nimo and Maryna is 40. We are not sure who to believe!!!!!