Life cycle of Butterfly

May 10th, 2018

Dear Parents,

“I hear thunder, I hear thunder, Oh, don’t you?”, we sang this morning as it rained and poured and made loud noise. Some of us were scared of the noise and Av suggested, “I don’t like thunder, so I cover my ears”. We liked her advice and covered our ears too! Phew! What weather! We stayed indoors and did lots of fun things.

As a continuation of our Lifecycle theme, we learnt today about the lifecycle of butterfly and read one of the most popular books by Eric Carle called ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. It’s a story about a caterpillar's path as he eats his way through one apple on Monday, two pears on Tuesday, three plums on Wednesday, and so on, through cherry pie and sausage--until he is really fat and has a stomachache. And next he builds a cocoon and stays inside it for 2 weeks and finally makes a hole and out from it comes the butterfly. We loved this butterfly metamorphosis story, and also enjoyed counting and the days of the week.

After reading, Pauline helped us to retell the story in a sequence.

Tem – once there was a tiny egg

Mo – caterpillar become big

Everyone- caterpillar eat, eat, eat and had a tummy ache

Tem – and he made own house

Tai- and changed to butterfly

Gr – become butterfly

We discussed where we come from and wondered if we hatched from an egg too, just like the caterpillar.

Tem – no, we come from mummy

Tai- from mummy mouth

Er and Mo – from mummy tummy

Gr – my mummy says its ouchy

We have learnt about the cycle of seasons, day and night, frogs and now butterfly. We can’t wait to learn about the lifecycle of people now.

We also enjoyed a long work out with Maryna today during our Music and Movement session and practiced for our End of the year performance. We are slowly getting the hang of the new dance routine and our trying our very best. We also enjoyed dancing on two new songs today – ‘food song’ and ‘emotion song’. Thanks Maryna!


In the morning circle, we rehearsed the Mother’s Day songs and the game. Mums, you are very special, and we want to treat you for a handmade breakfast. Please come to our class on 15th May, Tuesday at 9a.m for a fun filled, relaxing morning.

Thank you for a fantastic day everyone! Hope we can see Mr. Golden Sun tomorrow!


Little dancers in Petals Class