Happy birthday, Nimo and Koinobori Art



Happy birthday to you...happy birthday, happy birthday, Nimo! It was a fabulous weather again and we’re all hyped to have a wonderful time again at Ohana. We did our morning jobs and our teachers really helped us out how to learn these things. The first thing we did was to play on our carpet area. There we found some toy cars and trains that we could connect and explore with our imagination. On our activity table, we had the crayons and paint set up for us. There were some interesting conversations and the story went on like this…

The art work was all about making Koinobori but our Buds friends had something else in mind.

Teacher: We’re now going to draw and paint together. Who’s ready?

Buds class: Me! Me!

Teacher: I wonder what you are drawing, Harriet!

H: I am drawing a spider.

Teacher: Oh, your  spider looks so purple.

H: Yes, it is purple.

Teacher: How about the black lines? What are those for?

H: Hmmm...they are pancakes.

Teacher: What’s the spider doing with pancakes?

H: He’s eating them until it’s brown (then made some scribbles with a brown crayon)

A, on the other hand, was really trying to express himself.

A: baaabaaa….baaa...blah...and this!

He actually pointed at the  line and looked at the teacher as if trying to say something about what he just drew.

Teacher: Is this you pink spider? (Aiko uttered more sounds).

Teacher: Brooke, I see that you’re making lots of lines. What do you think those are?

B: Flowers...pink...spider...pink…

Teacher: Those are wonderful drawings you’ve got.

E came to the art table and asked his teachers to give him more crayons.

Teacher: Ohhh...I can see you’re writing lots of lines. What are those?

E: Wo hua ABC (I am drawing ABC)

B turned to her teacher and said, “I made blue spiders”>

Teacher: B and E, I love what you do to our Koinobori.

The teacher saw L and asked him to try drawing with him.

Teacher: L, I like those purple lines you’re drawing.

L: Dinosaur!

Teacher: What kind of dinosaur are they?

L: Sleeping dinosaurs.

Teacher: They must be tired.

L: Dancing dinosaurs.

Teacher: They are dancing and sleeping?

L: Yes!

E: Laoshi ni kan! (Teacher, look!)

Teacher: E, please say, “Look please!”

E: Look please!

Teacher: Is that your face? (The teacher was pointing at his face)

E: Yes, yes! (He made lots of dots and it showed that there were eyes and nose on the drawing).

Our Koinobori art was supposed to be a fish but in the end, our friends created wonderful stories in it. We would then call this art as a “The feelings of Koinobori”. It tells so many things to us.

We had our early park time today and we spent enough time eating our snacks before we ran until we all got tired and thirsty. It was nice to see Petals class children as they did their music class with John today. We actually joined in as well and of course, it was really fantastic to spend more time with the bigger ones because they always helped us when we needed to.

After our park, we went back to our classroom and  did our fire and earthquake drills. Some of us were so cooperative while a few of our friends got a bit intimidated by it. We then talked about our progress art that we’re making in the classroom. We can tell this next story some other time because we knew that we had a lot of things to tell about this art work.

Enjoy the rest of the golden week and see you all again on Monday! Have a great day!

We would also like to say “Happy birthday Nimo”. Thank you for being such a beautiful human being and for always playing with us at the park. We wish you all the good things in life and to fulfill your dreams.

Lots of love,

All the story tellers from Buds class 2017-2018