Bye Bye Froglets ,,, !!!!

May 1st, 2018

Dear Parents,

May all your dreams come true

May flowers bloom in all corners of your world

Happy May!

We can’t believe it’s May already. 6 more weeks of school before it’s the End of the Year. How the time passed. As our teachers have started to work on the reports, they can’t help but talk about how we have progressed through the year and how much we have grown.


Today was an important day in our Petals Class as we bid good bye to our ‘two little tadpoles’! Oops we mean two froglets!  

Mo – It grow bigger than before

Tem – because they have legs

A – because they grow grow grow!

Lo– because they are froglets

We thought that they probably need to climb on to rocks sometimes now that they have grown.

Wi – I have an idea! There are stones (pointing to the stone in the park)

We thought maybe we could put some stones in the fish tank for them to climb on. But then we realised that we have Golden Week holiday and will not be coming to school for the next 5 days. That means the water can’t be changed when they do a poo, no food for them when they are hungry. Hence, we decided to say bye bye to them today. It was an amazing experience to see them grow up from tadpoles to froglets in front of our own eyes since the past 5 weeks. We thought about the 3 little tadpoles that ‘ate too much food and got a tummy ache’ and had to be buried in the ‘soil’. We then spoke about our feelings.

Tem – I am sad because we are gonna say bye bye and we can’t see tadpoles anymore

So – I am happy they can grow big in the pond

An – sad. I will miss the tadpoles

Wi – sad because they are going

A – sad because tadpole is gonna say bye bye

Er – I am sad

Sh – sad

An – I am sad because I will miss tadpoles

Lo – I am so sad

Sa – I am happy, I likes tadpoles stay in the pond

Pooja was happy and sad. Happy because froglets can stay in the pond together with their friends and family and sad because we will miss the tadpoles when we come to school each morning. It was a part of our routine to care for them every day and we will miss it all so much.

With a heavy heart, we put the froglets back in the pond and bid them good bye. Some of us blew kisses to them and a few suggested that we come back every week to check if they have grown into frogs. We love that idea and will be coming back to see them grow every now and then. Bye bye again two little ‘frogtads’, as Tem named them.

We spent a long time in the park today and was sweating so much. We enjoyed having a picnic there, followed by Music and Movement session with John and Nimo and then circle time about our tadpoles. Some of us still do not have water bottles with strap and our teachers reminded us to remind our mums and dads about it.

During Music and Movement session, John told us that his guitar is ‘pregnant’, which means that it is going to have a baby. Tem and Wi confessed that their mums are going to have babies too and Mo said that his mum was pregnant before and she already had ‘Baby Am’. When John opened the guitar bag, we saw a small guitar inside and we all laughed when he said that it was the baby. Nimo told us that it was actually his ‘ukelele’. We danced and sang and did many action songs together with them and then at the end rehearsed for the Mother’s Day songs.

In the morning, we played many board games – ‘Chutes and Ladders’, ‘Who’s left?’ and Zingo. We particularly loved the new game ‘Who’s left’, in which we had to ask lots of questions to the opposite team to guess the person that they hid. We are learning to ask questions and so it was just the right game for us. We felt like little detectives as we asked questions to figure out the right person.

We also loved building with Duplo. Ane made a ‘binocular’, So made ‘Tokyo Tower’, An made ‘sleeping Tokyo tower’, Mo made a ‘Big water gun’ and Lo built a ‘tall tower’.

We have next 5 days off for the Golden week. Wish you all a Happy Holiday! Enjoy and have a relaxing time with your family!


Little Singers in Petals Class