The Vote Is In


   This morning when we came in we voted on the names for the Google home that we played with yesterday. We made up the name yesterday and came up with seven names. We looked at the ballet, wrote down what we wanted, folded the paper and put it in the container. During circle time we counted the votes. We had 12 friends today in class and only 8 voted. R and J said their we're 4 people that didn't vote. We took out the votes one by one, read it in the circle and marked it on our paper. The vote was very suspenseful. We ended up with a three way tie and only one vote left. It was between Skiddy, Erina and Dizzy. Then the final vote was... Skiddy for the win! Now we have a name to go along with the device. Skiddy is fun to play with but it doesn't know everything. There are  lot of questions it cannot answer but it can play music for us during resting time and even tell us stories. 

   In May we will have a special breakfast planned. Today we discussed what the possibilities are. We add to think about something we can make quickly and serve. We came up with lots of ideas some of the ideas were cereal, toast, chocolate, pancakes and orange juice. It'll be a surprise on the day. 

   What do we need for a picnic? We wanted to go for a picnic today because the weather was perfect. Not too hot, raining or windy but nothing for the picnic was packed. We talked about what we needed to go to the park and have a picnic. We listed out what we needed to do as well. This is what we said:
Jo - Water
A- Snack, sun screen
R- Go to the toilet
Y- Wash hands
D- Take shoes off
Ju- Smock, bug spray


  We all knew what we needed to do and prepared for the park together. We put our snacks in the blue bag, got our drink bottles, went to the restroom, put our smocks on, put our sun screen and bug spray on ourselves, took off our shoes and were ready for the picnic at the park! On the way to Arigusawa Park we saw the Buds class having a picnic at Step Park and wanted to join to instead. We all sat together and had an lovely time out. Hope you all had a wonderful day as well!



Flowers Class Children