Shinkansen Birthday Bash


Good Morning Ohana! We are blessed with beautiful weather this morning! The sun has given us a lot of energy for another exciting day at school! Today we started our morning with some junk art! We had the big carboard canvas on the table. We had our big box of junk and we used tape and glue to paste them on the cardboard. Our friends began imagining the carboard as Tokyo station and they started making Shinkansens. We had a great time talking about Shinkansen with our teachers and friends.

On our other table we had threading activity and on the carpet area we had the people figures and mats. We did a lot of imaginative play with Kiki!

We packed away and we thought we were going to have our ballet class, but Maryna didn't come down today. We had special guests come to our class today for a very special occasion. We had J’s mommy and daddy and A’s mommy come visit us for J and A’s birthday party! We sang songs with our beloved birthday celebrants!

After we gave our friends a special Buds birthday card and a extra special hug we had our J’s mom read us a Japanese book about J’s favorite thing, the Shinkansen! We learned about the Yellow Doctor Shinkansen, he runs on the rails to check if everything is ok. We then had A’s mom read us a book about the different trains all around the world. After our story time we had A’s mom who is a gymnast do stretching and warm-ups. J’s parents prepared for us a special activity! We had the front car of the Shinkansen made out of cardboard and a train conductor hat. We held on to our friend’s shoulder and made a Buds Shinkansen!

Having so much fun made us very hungry, we sat down on the table to have our special treat. J’s mom baked us some delicious cupcakes and cut us some strawberries. A’s mom prepared for us awesome Shinkansen cookies! We were very hesitant to eat them because they looked so cool. We played with them a little bit then ate them, they were yummy!

Thank you very much Tomomi, Daniel, and Nami for taking the time to come to our class to share a very special moment with us. We really enjoyed the books, activities, and treats!

Luckily the weather was sunny outside so we were able to go to the park to burn off all the energy! Hopefully the weather will stay nice tomorrow to so we can go run and jump at the park again!


Shinkansen Conductors of Buds Class 2018