Mystery Reader

April 25th, 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy Spring Rainy Day to you! Usually we feel a bit sad when we can’t go to the park because of the rain, but today was different. We were so happy for the fun activities we did in the class.

We had our first ‘Mystery Reader’ session today. As we woke up from sleep, our teachers told us that our mystery reader is waiting for us outside. We wondered if it’s a boy or a girl, a dad or a mum, a grandpa or a grandma, or an aunt, uncle or a babysitter. We had no clue who it was. We finally invited the person to come to the class and were so surprised to see him/her wearing a giraffe mask. Now, of course we knew that it couldn’t be an animal and after some guesses we knew it’s someone’s grandma and Momo guessed it correctly, “Its Antoine’s grandma because she is wearing a shirt and a pant like that”. Wow he was so correct! Grandma Marie Therese was really surprised that he could guess. Antoine was happy and excited at the same time. He didn’t expect her to come to his class.


We love having grandparents in the class, we love the warmth and energy they bring with them. We sang ‘grandma shark do do do do do do do do grandma shark’ to welcome her and then she read us two books in French called ‘Petit Ours Brun’ by Bayard Jennesse and ‘La Souris Qui Cherche un Ami’ by Eric Carle. Thank you so much grandma! “Merci”, we said to her in French and gave her a big giant hug.

We played ‘Who is the bug, in the rug?’ and it was so much fun. We love this memory game and its our absolute favorite. Its fun how we try to use our memory to try and guess the missing person in the group. Sometime, its difficult and hence we feel them or tap them and ask them to make a bug noise and guess from the voice who the person is.

Sayaka, our inhouse yoga teacher did animals yoga with us today. We dimmed the light and started by doing ‘Namaste’ to each other. She mentioned that yogis always do that. Then we did various animal poses including frog, tree, butterfly, lion, mouse, monkey, dog and cat. Yoga helps us to stretch our muscles and is really good for our flexibility. Thanks, Sayaka!

Later, Pauline read us a book appropriate for the day called ‘Little Cloud’ by Eric Carle. It is the story about a ‘Little Cloud’ that likes to stand out from the crowd. When all the other clouds drift up, he goes his own way, changing shapes to become a sheep, an airplane, a shark and a funny clown. It's all lots of fun, but so is playing with friends. So, this time, Little Cloud joins the crowd, gathering with his pals into one giant cloud. And then they rain! Thank You Pauline! We loved learning how clouds become big and dark and rain.

In the morning, Pooja asked us about our mum. Shh! It’s a secret and we are not talking about it now. We made a special card and a gift for her and surely hope that she will like it. Some of us played with slime and commented that its not slimy anymore. We hope to make new slime soon. We love building with blocks and today many of us spent a long time building airplanes, trains, cars and more.

Thank You for an amazing day!


All of us in Petals Class