Good morning, Miyashita-sensei!


Hello everyone! We are very excited to see our friends and teachers again after our fun weekend with our family. We came to school with smiles on our faces and ready for another awesome play time. We finished our morning jobs and sat down with our teachers on the carpet area. First, we thought that we’d just go around the green mat (early in the morning, we saw the green mat that we use in our gym class). Then, we went straight to our kitchen area and put out some toys and pretended that we’re cooking something with our friends. We also went around the room and started offering the toys to our teachers. We always said, “Here you go!”

On our activity tables, we worked with Chiaki and drew something special today. It’s actually a secret so we can’t write it on our journal. Hence, we’ll keep it for now and our parents will find out about it soon. We then decided to put the green mat to the side and had the blocks out instead. Afterwards, we stacked the blocks and made a tall tower. We’re still trying our best to make the tallest that we could make and we just needed more time to develop our fine motor skills to be able to balance them.

Miyashita-sensei came to our classroom and that meant we needed to clean up and arrange our classroom. We helped our teachers and of course, we did a fantastic job packing all the things and toys we used in the classroom. We all sat down nicely and waited for him patiently. We sang a few songs and danced with our hands while sitting down. Miyashita-sensei asked us to stand up and we all followed his instructions. Our warm-up routines were always fun to do. We stretched, jumped, ran around the classroom. Our first challenge was to roll over the mat and jump on the cushion and then walk under the rope. We also walked and ran around the green mat in the middle and it made our exercises  more fun to do. Our last game was the “Tamago” Game (Egg Game). The song went something like this...Tamago, tamago, nakaniwa nani? When he said, gorilla, ghost and crocodile we all had to run to the other side of the room so that we could all be safe.

By the way, before we had our gym class, our teacher asked us about what we do with Miyashita-sensei and we responded…

Ja: Play a game

B: Jump

O D: Run around

Ch: Bunny hop

Thank you Miyashita-sensei for another wonderful gym class. We then went to our carpet area and talked about the colors of the rainbow. We sang the rainbow song first and then read a book with a “A color of his own” by Leo Lionni. We had a very interesting conversation about the rainbow colors and this is how it went…

Teacher: Children, what rainbow colors do you know?

B: Red, orange

L: Purple and green

S: Green

Ja: Many colors!

Teacher: We all know that animals have their own colors. Do you know any animals that have rainbow colors?

B: We have a T-rex rainbow color.

Ja: Maybe a crocodile.

Teacher: Okay, let’s think what color you are today.

N: You are green. Look just like the leaf.

S: I have blue. Like a dinosaur.

Y: Black.

J: Black and white.

O: I got blue.

S: Black.

H: Black.

L: I have red.

O: White.

R: Pink.

Teacher: What color do you feel today?

B: I feel black because mama put on my shirt today.

The teacher put out a book of animals and we tried to see if there were any animals from the book that have rainbow colors. We saw the flamingo and we all said that it’s pink , we had the elephant and we said that it’s gray, we had the pelican and we said that it’s white but its beak was yellow and we had the water buffalo that has a brown color. None of them had a rainbow color. When our teacher put out the book about the Chameleon we saw that it has many colors on its skin. The story went on like the chameleon stayed at different colors they copied the skin to camouflage themselves. It looked like that we found our rainbow animal from the book. Great job everyone!

We went to the pond today and we saw some tadpoles. On the way to the pond, we also saw a big crane. The construction workers told us to pass by quickly but we told him that we wanted to see how the crane works. The crane took the panels up and put them down on the roof of the house. It was so super! We hope to see more trucks working like this on the road. Thank you so much Ohana for another great day and see you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the color lovers from Buds class 2017-2018