Picture Reading - "Once upon a time ,,,,, "

April 20th, 2018

Dear Parents,

We had a fantastic day today and went for a picnic in the park. The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed playing and eating with our friends. L did her Show and Tell with Brownie in the park. She hugged her tight and said, “I like Brownie. I take Brownie to my home. Brownie take picture with me and D too”. M said, “D is L’s big brother”. Then L continued, “I hands up and picture and I sleep with Brownie”. We could tell how much L adores Brownie.

Then A asked – You go park?

L – no

Mi – You go house with Brownie?

L – Yes

Tem - Did you sleep with Brownie?

L – Yes

Pooja – did you give something to Brownie to eat?

L – no

W – You give him drink?

L – no

Pooja – does Brownie speak in English?

L – no, only Japanese. Konichiwa

We all wanted to know about L’s favorite activity with Brownie and she said, “sleeping with Brownie. Brownie not naughty. Brownie licked me”. We all laughed and thanked Lisa for an amazing Show and Tell. Mo convinced Lisa to let him take Brownie home today as he wants to “take Brownie to the park”. We are looking forward to hearing about their adventures on Monday.

IMG_5543 (1).JPG

We worked on our seasons tree and did a special craft work in preparation for our ‘World Book Day’ on Monday. Er was so “responsible” as she watered the plants in the balcony.

Most of us were engaged in solving big puzzles today. Gr, L and Mi solved 48-piece puzzle each. The teacher helped them to do the boundary of the puzzle and they worked independently to find the inside pieces of the puzzle. Tai, An and Sh did a large floor puzzle too. It was amazing to see them work together. Initially, they just worked parallel and connected their own pieces and then had little conflicts when they wanted a puzzle piece from one another. The teacher then stepped in and suggested that they work together by talking to each other. Taisei then said, “can I have that piece? I put here?” and then the activity flowed easily, and they were able to put the pieces together to solve the big puzzle. Well done!

We were so inspired by one of the puzzles we completed – ‘The little red riding hood’, that we decided to do picture reading. Our teachers asked us three questions – “what you see?”, “What do you think?” and “what makes you wonder?” after sharing our views, we make our own story of the picture in front of us. It was our first time to do an activity like this and it was interesting to see our creative and imaginative juices flowing. Please see the attached pdf to read the comic version of our story. Our teachers are doing a course called Making Learning Visible and they created this project as a part of their learning journey in view to making learner’s voice visible in the classroom. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Have a good weekend! Looking forward to seeing all our friends in many different characters from their favorite book on our World Book Day on Monday.



Little imaginative children in Petals Class