Starting our week right with Miyashita-sensei!


Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful spring break! Today, we welcomed our new friend Eddie to Buds class. He’s from China and we love his chattiness and sweetness that he showed us today. We started our day again with full of love to our friends and teachers. We worked on our art activities and painted purple all over the canvas. The other table was filled with connecting blocks and  discs and we all spent a long time putting them together. It was really cool to see how we were able to line them up and made a long line. We showed it proudly to our teachers.

The other side of the classroom was busy with cars and a map on the floor. Some of us imagined that we’re flying the cars around the town but in the end we all agreed to park the cars in one area. Music is always common to our class. We also liked to get the bells and ukulele from the shelf and it was amazing how we could work together and make music with our friends. John played a little bit of piano and we sang and dance.

After our free play time, Miyashita-sensei came to our class and we’re all excited to move and jump around again. We missed him so much that’s why we couldn’t hide our smiles. We did our warm-up exercises and some stretching before our big challenges for today, we also loved crawling, jumping, walking with our friends. The first challenge was to run away from Miyashita-sensei and made sure that he couldn’t catch us. After that, we played “Ochita, ochita, nani ga...ochita?” Then, we all pretended that we ate something when we stopped walking around. The meaning of the song was about “What did we drop when we’re walking around?” We would reply, “ice-cream”, “grapes”, “sandwich” and “cake”.

It was a fun gym class with our dear teacher. It’s so nice to have him back. Thank you Miyashita-sensei!

It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed going to the park. We saw the sakura petals on the ground. There were also some bees flying around so we had to be careful while we ran around.

Thank you so much again Ohana and tomorrow is our Hanami picnic. We hope to see you all there!

Lots of love,

All the sporty children from Buds class 2017-2018