Critique My Art


   Art Art Art. Today we had our first critique of our painting that we did yesterday. We sat on the carpet and discussed what we would talk about. We talked about how it’s ok to give your opinion and we should give positive feedback. We were suppose to look at the work quietly first to formulate our ideas. Then we can have a discussion. We also had three questions that we had to think about. They were, “What do you see?”, “What do you think?” And “What does it make you wonder?”.  L and D volunteered to go first and we critiqued their paintings. Look at our cool comic strip to see what happened. .

  After the critique, we had three stations to choose from. One station was finishing up the painting, another one was ironing our painting and the last one is reflecting on Our Neighborhood project. For the painting we looked at patterns that we can make stirpes, zig-zag, dots and so on. Then we took the ideas and used colorful fabric paint to paint on our canvas. 


  We learned that the fabric paint we’re using is a special kind of paint. If we washed it off now the paint would come off so we have to use an iron. We put another piece of cloth on it in order to seal it to the canvas. Liezel asked us if we know what an iron does. We answered yes, it flattens clothes. We also told her that we have one at home. When the iron first went on Miles was amazed and said, “Look stream!” after we ironed we touched the cloth and were surprised on how warm it was. We took turns holding the iron and moved slowly across the fabric while Liezel guided us. After wards, we looked at the paint and it was stuck inside the material and made it harder. It’s so interesting being able to iron because usually our mom does it at home. 

  Today was also a beautiful day so we went to the park and was able to play with Bus Class and Pedals Class! How was your day? We hope it was just as interesting as ours.



Flowers Class Children