Garden Picnic and Photos

  Wonder wall is not just an Oasis song it’s one of our new projects that we’re putting up in the classroom. Kai asked us, “What do you think we will do with the wonder wall?”. R answered, “You think!” and J answered, “You put the word on and if it’s not right, you put the word and wonder about it yourself and your friends.” They were both on the right track.  We are going to create a wall in which we can add questions when we have them. We can try and discover the answers ourselves or see if it get answered through out the semester. The first this to do when creating the wonder wall are pictures of us thinking. Instead of Kai talking pictures like he always does we were able too use his “baby” and took pictures of our friends. We took turns being the model and the photographer. We asked our friends, “Can you show me your thinking face?” and took turns pushing the button. We even took pictures of our teachers.


  During the circle time we were also shown some pictures of maps. When we were asked, “What do you see on the map?” D answered, “You see different station, some of them have same colors and letters and some are not. There’s also different kinds of maps that tells you where to go. There are also maps inside the shops that tells you where to go. If you go left or anywhere you want.” While looking at a city map J saw ABC and 123 written on the sides and asked, “Why does it say ABC?” Then Kai drew lines on the map to show them the grids and explained that it help us describe and find the location easier. We also looked at different symbols that might be on maps like the onsen, temple or hospital symbols. Those symbols belong in a map key. Afterwards, we added some more objects on the map with Hisami. We made a banner saying, “Our neighborhood” and added Azabu-building and Azabu-Juban station. Hmm… What else can we add to our map?

  On the other table some of us kept sewing with Liezel. Liezel had a great idea of sewing at the very edge of the sheet so there wasn’t any extra fabric hanging off. It was a bit harder because sometime the guided it off and it wasn’t connected. When we finished it, it looked like real sheets.


  TODAY IS MIYASHITA SENSEI!! YEY! We love gym class and were filled with energy. Last week was hopping week and today was reverse somersault day. After our warm up stretches we divided into two groups so we can run towards each other give high fives and run back. We also ken-ken, ken-pa, big jump, skip, skip and clap under our legs and spider walked to our friends. Then we worked on rolling backwards and jumping over a cushion and then another cushion. We really worked on our back roll today because we did this three times. Before the class was finished we had our game. Today, we played “Kaminari Karasu” game.  When Miyashita sensei says, “Kaminari!” we have to find a partner and touch stomach to stomach and when we says, “Karasu!” we have to find a partner and touch bottom to bottom. We only had 5 seconds to find a partner so we had to hurry!

  We had a very special lunch today. We went up to the garden to have a picnic. Since we couldn’t go out today and it looks like it might be raining this week, we thought it was a good idea to get our vitamin D in while we can. It was the first time we had a picnic in our garden. It was nice being able to look at the colorful flowers and butterfly while we’re eating.

  It was a wonderful start to week with a picnic in the garden, gym class, taking photos of each other, creating our neighborhood and sewing. Hope you all had a great Monday! 



Flowers Class Children