Colors of spring

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What an fun filled week we have had in Buds class! We have been so lucky to have such beautiful spring weather and have enjoyed every second of it! 

This morning we continued with our flower drawings. Today, the children choose their own colors for their flower drawing. Some drew vibrant rainbow flowers, while others drew with their favorite colors. At the other table, children played with Montessori toys and loved looking at the coloured blocks they had. Colour has been an underlining theme in buds class. We have been taking time to notice the spring colours around our neighborhood, during our walks to the park, and colours in our classroom. There-fore it didn't come as a surprise that the chil-dren wanted to play with colours or colourful toys. 

At the carpet, we had children playing with coloured blocks and toy house set. Children built houses and tower with Chiaki and Goh-San. As always, children loved building the towers and then knocking them down with great joy. Its all part of developing their concentration and problem-solving ability, finding out how pieces of different size fit together and how patterns can be made with alternate colours. 

After free play, it was time for Circle Time! This morning Kiki introduced a new hello song. The song went through different feeling that children may feel. Children acted out happy, hungry, sleepy and sad. Their favourite part was the guitar interlude, were they all pretended to play the guitar with the music. No circle time with Kiki would be complete without some dancing. As children's’ interest in butterflies and bubble bees are growing, she also introduced a bubble bee song sung by Lauri Berkner (link in email). Children loved pretending that their fingers were little bubble bees buzzing around them. 

Kiki then passed it on to Chiaki to do a quick Japanese class with the children. Chiaki started by singing “If your happy and you know it...” in a mix of English and Japanese. It was lovely to see how the children where picking up and understanding the words through the rhythm of the music. 

She taught and sang a new song about tulips, spring and colours (Link in the email). It is a beautiful song that is generally sung in preschools to welcome spring. 

Chiaki also had prepared 3 beautiful origami tulips for the children to sing along with. The song taught the children to say red (aka), white (shiro) and yellow (kiiro) in Japanese, which kept with our theme in class this week. The children al-so touched and felt flowers that we had collected yesterday. We learned the words for flowers (Ohana) and Cherry blossom (Sakura) too. 

We all then went out to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather outside! Children loved playing on the swings and running around catching each other. 

Thank you Bud’s parents for always supporting us! 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you all next week! 

Lots of love, 

Springy Buds class 2017-2018