Musical Wednesday, Robots and "Teach me now"

   Musical Wednesday! Today we had a very musical day, every Wednesday we have music class with John John and on top of that we also played some music games for our exercise time.

  When John came in we made a circle and warmed our bodies up by bending our knees, shrugging our shoulders, patting our legs, and wiggling our hands. We also conditioned our vocal system by breathing in and breathing out. When we breathed out we said “aaa” and “ooo”. Then we sang “Hello everybody it’s nice to meet you”. After the song John had a questions for us. He asked us, “Have you seen something flying in the park?” We said, “Bug, bee and butterfly!”.  He asked us if can spread our arms out like a butterfly and we sang “Fly, fly the butterfly” song. We pretended to go fast, slow and walked around the room to drink water. After we were all full from the water. We split up into two groups by counting 1 and 2 and picked up wooden blocks so we can make sounds with them. One group sang the “oo” sound and the other sang the “ aa, aa” sound. When we sang together is sounded like “oo, oo, aa, aa, oo, oo, aa, aa,” like a monkey! John directed which group would sing first, then or all together. We switched sounds with the other group and then tried some dynamics. This time we all sing together but we had to watch John. When he opened his hands wide then we had to make a loud noise and when he put his hands together we had to be sing very softly. We really sounds like a bunch of monkeys! Next we divided up into partners and were given a musical pattern each so we can teach our partner. After a couple of minutes we demonstrated in front of our friends. Thanks for the awesome music class John!

  It started drizzling today so we voted to stay inside to play games instead of going out to play. We asked if we can play freeze dance. Instead of using songs and speakers Kai picked up the jimbe and we danced to the tune of the drum. We got all worked up and tired from dancing around but we wanted to play more. We decided to change the game and picked musical chairs to play. Hisami bought out the piano and we dance to the musical keys. After our physical workout, Hisami read The Ducking Gets a Cookie. In the book the ducking asks for a cookie and get it then the pigeon got jealous because he asked for things all the time but never get them. He starts complaining but unknowingly the ducking was going to give him the cookie. At the end both of them were happy, the pigeon had a cookie and the duckling had a cookie without nuts!

  In our circle time today we reviewed our photos that WE took yesterday walking around Azabu-Juban. We some of the photos looked different because of the angle or framing of the shots. But we we’re able to pick out which ones were which. Since we were continuing  with our robot project Kai showed us interesting robots we have today. We started by watching Curiosity the mars rover. It’s job is to collect mars sample from the earth, explore and check the air quality. Then we watched a robot dog named Spot Mini. This autonomous robot dog can walk around open doors and prance around. There was another robot named Atlas. This autonomous robot can walk on snow, pick up boxes, (even when it’s moving away from it), do back flips, and stand up by itself. There was also another robot that we can see in Japan if we go to the Miraikan museum. This robot is called Asimo. She can introduce herself, hand hands, run, side step, sing and dance Japanese songs. Oh we almost forgot! Did you know there’s a robot hotel in Nagasaki? The check in even has a dinosaur! It also has a robot that will bring your suit case to your room! We were in awe of the robot possibilities that are currently available!

  Today we also had out first “Teach me now”! D was the one to go and he brought a piece of paper to show us. He started off by saying, “I’m going to show you how to make an airplane.” He instructions were:

“1st get a rectangle piece of paper. Then you fold it 3 times. Flip it over ad fold it 3 times again. Then open the wings.”

  He showed us the how to do it on the refolded paper but had a little bit of confusion with the folds. That’s when R stepped in and said, “It’s easier like this.” and showed D her way of folding the airplane. Kai explained that there are multiple ways of folding an airplane but the important thing is the precision when we fold it. We should follow the lines carefully and make sure they’re touching exactly. Then we have to make the crease with our finger so it stays in place. It was interesting to see different ways of folding an airplane. Thank you D for showing us!

  It was a fantastic musical day! We played musical games, John came for music class, we learned about robots and D showed us how to fold paper airplanes. How was your day? Hope it was interesting as ours!



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