Beautiful Spring Flowers


April 10
Beautiful Spring Flowers
T errific Tuesday! What a lovely day we had today, the weather was great and we had so much fun! After arriving at school we started our morning routine, after that it was time to play! Yesterday we went on a walk around the neighborhood and looked at a lot of flowers. They were all different shapes and colors, they were so beautiful! Today, our teachers prepared for us an art activity to make flowers! We had different colors of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. We got to choose any color we wanted to make a flower of our own, or make one of the flowers we saw yesterday.


John did something very cool today. He didn't teach everyone how to do the art activity, he let us take that responsibility! John first taught Olivia how to the art work. We had to fold the tissue paper several times and then tie a pipe cleaner on it. Olivia mastered the art of tissue flower art very quickly and now it was all up to her to teach someone else. Jess and Oli came to the art table and Olivia showed Jess and Oli how to do it and they successfully made their flower. Now the baton has been handed to Jess and Oli, so now they have to teach their friends. Jess and Oli taught Harriet and Lio. Unfortunately we ran out of time for today and for those of us that didn’t get to do it today we will tomorrow!
We worked together with our friends to help our teachers pack away the toys we played today. After we cleaned up we all got into a school for our circle time! John prepared for us a board with a lot of our pictures from previous circle times. It was really cool to see ourselves and our friends in the pictures. It was a great opportunity for us to remember what we did in the past. There were even pictures from the beginning of the term and we got to see picture of us when we were a lot smaller than we were now. Those took us a little thinking but were able to recognize our friends.
Our teachers got their music instruments and it was time to jam out to some live music. We paired up with our friends and we danced together. We did different actions with our friends like giving high fives, hugs, standing back to back, and much more! We washed our hands afterwards and had an early snack to have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful spring day!
Thanks to our teachers teaching us about flowers and their beauty we were able to appreciate them. On our way to the park we kept our eyes wide open for beautiful flowers. When you look carefully it’s amazing how many flowers are growing and that we didn't notice them. Every time we learn about something new it wid-ens our view and we get to see more and enjoy this beautiful world much more.
Needless to say, we had a great day at the park with tons of smiles! We’re looking forward to another day of bright shining smiles!
The energetic botanists of Buds Class 2018