Japanese Hina Matsuri

March 2

Akari wo tsuke masho bonbori ni ,
O hana wo age masho momo no hana ,
Go nin bayashi no fue taiko,
kyou ha tanoshii hina matsuri ..

What an fun filled day we have day today!
So many things we saw and so many things to share..
We started the morning of with a mysterious empty box in the room.
The children at first didn't know what to do with the empty box. Kiki
put some cushions inside, and then the fun began. They loved to pretend it was a
cave and hide inside. The also pretended that it was drum, and started beating on
it. Even after play time was over, some children decided to sit inside the box for
circle time.
The children also had fun with bells. They followed Goh-San and Kiki, as they sang
all the “classic” hits of Bud’s Class.
At the tables we continued with are art work. Chikai helped the children finish 3D
diorama. Today, the children practiced making lines with q-tips. On the other table,
Nimo continued with the kids to make binoculars. They learned to hold the roll
on one hand, while using the other hand to stick.
Once our morning fun was over, it was time to get ready
for the big event!
Kiki did a quite introduction on the special day head. We
looked at our world map and discussed were Buds teachers
came from. They were amazed to see how far we all came


Soon after, it was time to celebrate Hina Matsuri! A big thank you to Haruka
(Akira’s Mom), Masayo (Akira’s Grandma), Sachi (Sota’s Mom), and Masumi (Yuiko’s
Mom), Etsuko (Keito’s Mom) and Tomomi (Jamie’s Mom) for coming in and sharing
such a wonderful part of Japanese culture. We truly appreciate it!
Thank you Bud’s parents for always supporting us!
We hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Lots of love,
Kings and Queens of Buds class 2017-2018